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Stroke New Treatments with Functional Medicine


A sudden disabling attack or loss of consciousness caused by an interruption in the flow of blood to the brain, esp. through thrombosis that blocks blood to the brain which can cause almost any type of sensation. In many cases there can be a muscle weakness, loss of function, or paralysis to parts of the body controlled by the section of the brain that is injured.

Today a new approach to treating Stroke is Functional Medicine

Our functional medicine goal is to normalize or balance the energetic systems to restore function. With Functional Medicine there are a multitude of natural courses to take. In our office Dr Cliff and colleagues utilize the newest functional medicine techniques and protocols to naturally strengthen weak areas, balance the nervous system and reduce paresthesias . We combine cold laser therapy with chiropractic mobilization of the spine and or extremity along with micro-current or interferential electrical stimulation and massage followed with looking for and correcting nutritional imbalances. Acupuncture with the added computerized protocol the Asyra biofeedback technology can quickly bring back additional balance and coordination. It uses frequency biofeedback testing for thousands of abnormalities. Then we treat non invasive using a laser and homeopathic remedies. Combined together these therapies save most of our patients from the need and side effects of drugs and surgery while giving improvement even after traditional means stopped working. Many can reduce their medication as homoeostasis of systems occurs. There are also no significant side effects to these natural protocols and the treatment usually feels good.

The brain is the enigma of science. Its abilities are beyond our recognition. Acupuncture meridian therapy has been used successfully for neurological conditions for over 5000 years. If you or someone you know has had a stroke, we have an alternative treatment that may benefit you.

We are located at 5800 Colonial Drive, Suite 305 in Margate Fl 33063. We are at the intersection of Coral Springs 33065, Coconut Creek 33076, 33067 and Margate. Dr Cliff has been serving Broward County residents for over 30 years.dr cliff 2012

Peripheral neuropathy

The term used for damage to nerves of the peripheral nervous system. This may give a loss of sensation or increase sensation creating a variety of paresthesia including pins and needles , numbness, coldness, heat, burning, wet, pain, and any other feelings.