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Dr. Russ Tannenbaum, D.C.

“From the age of 16, I knew I wanted to be a chiropractic physician. Following a severe car accident, I spent a week laid-up in a hospital bed, only to feel worse after the seventh day. I was told that I needed spinal surgery, but refused the surgery and checked myself out of the hospital. My father took me to his friend, a local chiropractic physician. I felt better after the very first treatment, and continued to feel better with each ensuing visit. It was then that I decided to study to become a chiropractor.

Becoming a chiropractic physician was the best thing that ever happened to me! For over 33 years, I’ve found that my passion for helping others, and watching my patients go from a ‘frown’ to a ‘smile’ after just a couple of treatments, has been an endless source of personal pride and inspiration. I love being a chiropractic physician, and consider it to be the most rewarding health profession on this planet!”

Dr. Tannenbaum graduated from Life Chiropractic College in 1981. In 1983, he became certified in Acupuncture. From 1983-1986, Dr. Tannenbaum studied post-graduate Orthopedics. In 1991, he became certified in Manipulation Under Anesthesia. From 1995-2009, Dr. Tannenbaum was an Expert Medical Adviser for the Florida Division of Workers Compensation. He was also on the Board of Directors for the Broward County Chiropractic Society from 1983-1992, and President from 1995-1996 .In 2000, Dr. Tannenbaum was voted Best Chiropractor in Broward County by City Link magazine. In 2009 he became certified in Meridian Response Technique, which is an advanced form of Applied Kinesiology. Dr. Tannenbaum is currently enrolled in a 300-hour nutrition program through the University of Miami.

Dr. Tannenbaum began practicing in Miramar, Florida from 1982 until 1988. Dr. Tannenbaum then practiced in Pembroke Pines from 1988 until 2009, and in Plantation, Florida from 2009-2012, when he took over the Margate, Florida chiropractic practice of his close friend and colleague, Dr. Clifford Fruithandler, following his sudden passing. While Dr. Tannenbaum has his own style of treatment, it is similar to that of Dr. Fruithandler, and his goal is to continue Dr. Fruithandler's legacy of treating patients with love and respect.

So if you’ve sustained an everyday injury, work-related injury, or auto accident injury and require the highest level of chiropractic care in Margate, Coral Springs, Coconut Creek, Tamarac or the surrounding areas, don’t spend another minute in pain and discomfort.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment, and let Margate chiropractor Dr. Russ Tannenbaum help you restore your health and normal lifestyle as quickly as possible. You’ll be glad you did!