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Cold Laser (non invasive)
In 1978 I had my first experience utilizing the Dynatron cold laser for acupuncture treatment. While an intern and National College, now National University of Health Sciences in Lombard Illinois we researched the efficacy and possibilities of the latest technology. Interestingly we found it to be useful in the cosmetic area of Natural face lifts and also breast augmentation. The effect so of the laser created new skin and puffed the underlying tissue. The results were definitely positive but didn't compete with surgery. Today its called a photofascial that is now common in spa's around the world.

As lasers continued to advance and also shrink in size and costs many new uses came about. On the football field, its a cold laser that's carried out on the field by the team doctor or therapist. Early treatment enhances the speed of recovery. In th office we use several different lasers, my favorite is the Asrya remedy laser. Unlike its predecessors, the treatment is more than just light stimulating the cell walls and mitochondria to speed healing. The Asrya laser inputs 10 to 100 customized unique healing frequencies specifically formulated via prior testing for individual. The end result are responses that are usually quick to see (instant to several weeks).

Directory of Symptoms

» Joint Pain
» Allergies
» Infertility
» Anxiety
» Insomnia
» Arthritis
» Menopause
» Asthma
» Menstrual Disorders
» Autism
» Pain
» Back Pain
» Chronic Fatigue
» Stroke Recovery

TMJ Syndrome
» Cough
» Weight Loss
» Depression
» Pediatrics
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Laser Acupuncture or Laser Puncture

Many adults and children fear needles. I have had patients with severe pain turn down epidurals and pain injections simply because of the needle. Likewise many wouldn't consider acupuncture as a viable treatment, simply out of fear for the needle. Fortunately, technology has given us new tools which allow us to circumvent the use of intrusive needles with cold laser.

The principle is quite simple. Remember needles are simply an antennae that attracts frequencies to the involved tissues. Lasers can emit specific frequencies of light onto the skin and underlying tissues in the same way. Light particles are absorbed and stimulate the cells that lie beneath the surface. This activates the acupuncture point much in the same way a needle would. The additional benefit is the laser can directly improve the permeability of the cell wall (ability for nutrients or waste to enter or exit the cell wall). Its kind of analogous to photosynthesis in plants in plants where sunlight hits the leaves which creates energy and sugar production.

The ranges of frequencies usually include visible red beams and near infra red spectrum's. Personally I use both frequencies depending on the area of the body that I am lasering. On the ear I prefer the visible red diode while I use the near infra red diode on deeper muscle tissue. There are also different strengths of lasers. Many practitioners use the less expensive 5mW lasers which take a very long time to input one unit of energy (called a joule) into the acupuncture point. There are times to use the level, and sometimes there is a need for the more expensive laser which can go deeper and create quicker results with bursitis and tendinitis, such as a class III 500mW laser

There are many conditions that may benefit from lasers. Most commonly we treat carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, plantar facitis (heel spurs), alopecia areata (bald spots), sinusitis, smoking cessation, weight loss, asthma, allergies, soft tissue injuries, pain, and joint maladies. Current studies are looking at the effectiveness of laser acupuncture in treating strokes, paralysis, and a myriad of health issues. We have had great success with the Asrya remedy laser performing laser energetic detoxification. Patents with autoimmune disease such as Lupus, MS, Scleroderma that did not respond to traditional methods improved with Asrya treatment. Many of these are documented in our testimonial section. For me, I love challenging the impossible and making it possible. Research will continue and my prediction is that frequency medicine will become the medicine of the future not only for its diagnostics (quite incredible yet still in its infancy) but also for its treatment outcomes.

In pediatrics laser is commonly used for bed wetting, frequent urination, skin disorders such as eczema, and atinic keratosis. The later have shown almost 100% improvement with care. The list continues as almost anything needle acupuncture can treat, cold laser can such as digestive problems, diarrhea, facial paralysis, and injuries. The laser is especially useful in this population since the fear of needles is so widespread. Children are fascinated by them and it helps build sense of trust with us as there is no pain.

If you are a person who has wanted to try acupuncture but hesitates because of needle phobia this is for you. After 33 years using needles, they are now less than 15% of my acupuncture practice. You can now get the benefits of acupuncture without the stress or fear of needles! Call 954-979-2333 or 954-CU4-PAIN today and we can discuss your situation. If I feel that laser may be of benefit then I would be happy to take on your case and help you restore health and balance to your life.

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