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Asyra Biomeridian Stress Testing

The future of medicine today
Functional Medicine today a new different approach to treating Paresthesia naturally that works well:
There are many medications that might help alleviate symptoms. Our goal is to restore function. With Functional Medicine there are a multitude of natural courses to take. In our office Dr Cliff utilizes the newest functional medicine techniques and protocols to naturally reduce or eliminate paresthesia. We combine cold laser therapy with Chiropractic mobilization of the spine and or extremity along with micro-current or interferential electrical stimulation and massage. The newest computerised protocol is the Asyra Bio-energetic Biofeedback with a laser and homeopathic remedies. Combined together these therapy save most of our patients from the need and side effects of drugs and surgery. There are also no significant side effects and the treatment feels good.
Margate/Coconut Creek Chiropractors

Thank you for visiting the website of Margate Coconut Creek Chiropractor Dr Clifford Fruithandler at Northwest Wellness Center - a professional Margate, Coconut Creek chiropractic clinic located at the Intersection of Margate 33063 and Coconut Creek Florida 33073 chiropractor Dr. Cliff Fruithandler strives for excellence through experienced patient treatment, education and satisfaction and has over 30 years of experience in Broward County Florida.

Margate, Coconut Creek and surrounding area residents (like Fort Lauderdale, Parkland, Coral Springs, Deerfield Beach) will have access to all types of health and wellness related information and chiropractic services including Acupuncture Massage and Asyra Bioenergetic Allergy Medicine.

Using advanced methods such as Asrya Bioenergetics, to achieve wellness, Dr. Fruithandler and his staff provide a full range of chiropractic services from massage and various therapies to specific spinal adjustments. Conditions we treat include: back and neck pain, sciatica, headaches, spinal decompression, Allergies, sports and car accident injuries and more.

We hope you enjoy the information within and share it with others. We continue to perform research in the field of Bioenergetic Medicine where anything is possible when you look at a problem from a different point of view. Again, thank you for visiting us and remember to come back often. We are continuously adding new insights and knowledge within healthcare to our practice and web site.

Yours in health,