Holistic Healing and Holistic Healer

Are you or someone you know looking for a solution to a healthcare issue that seems unresolvable. Perhaps we can help. All healers are different with their own unique abilities and styles.

Medical Intuitive Healer

Medical Intuition and Energy Healing

Ancient natural healing tools widely used throughout the world — might provide insights necessary for healing your whole being instead of diseases, as in the case with ‘traditional’ medical methods. The main focus of these intuitive arts is identifying the underlying cause of any disorder, whether it’s physical, emotional, mental or spiritual – energetic imbalance, and removing it.

When the body’s energy flows freely and vitalises the cells of the organs, tissues, blood and bones at an optimal level, we are in perfect health. When this flow becomes blocked for any reason, the body cells, deprived of the essential life force, become weakened and eventually diseased.

To regain our health and well being, we must begin by restoring our natural energy flow to a state of balance called Homoeostasis. Only when the energy system is repaired, the physical body will start healing itself. Anything is possible when a strong foundation is reformed.

Are you ready to:

...to question the existing paradigm where suffering and illness are considered to be a ‘normal’ part of life

...wake up to the true nature of ourselves as highly intelligent and wise beings that posses the inner knowledge or innate ability to heal and maintain well being.

...take complete responsibility for every single aspect of your life and start creating your own health we may be the ones to catapult your journey.

All healers and intuitive have their own unique styles and techniques.

Dr Cliff has stated, if I cant help them, Raymond can, if Raymond cant then Jerry Can and visa versa. Each individual needs to find the moment place and person that matches their need.

We are here to share our unique gifts and allow your natural energetics to balance and heal. We wish to give you the knowledge and experience to empower you on your healing journey.

Dr Cliff has 30 years experience with unblocking closed energy channels utilizing an intuitive approach including Applied Kinesiology, Acupuncture, Nutrition, physical rehabilitation and now the Asyra technology that pulls it all together quickly and inexpensively.

Raymond Chan LMT has his unique gift to heal utilizing his own style of muscle isolation. He is extremely effective with chronic shoulder hip and knee involvements. He uses a combination of Oriental massage styles including shiatsu with neuromuscular and trigger-point work to heal. He is truly and intuitive and natural healer.

Jerry Fleming LMT was given a gift of energy healing similar to Reiki of which he is a master. Headaches seem to be his utmost forte. We have seen patients who have had prior acupuncture, Chiropractic and holistic healing experience without full success. They have come in and left after one treatment stating the best night sleep in years and dramatic resolution of their headaches.

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