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Bioenergetic Medicine: Revolutionary newtreatments

AllergiesNeck PainBack PainAsthma, AutismIrritable bowelHeadachesTMJ Syndrome

  • Laser Acupuncture Laser Homeopathy for clearing Asthma and Allergies
  • Computerized Electrodermal (EDS) functional testing and natural treatment for Hormonal imbalance, Heavy metal issues, vaccination disturbances, Autism, Irritable bowel, ADD/ADHD, Sleep and Balance issues

Complete programs including treatment and testing for under $400.

Clifford Fruithandler DC PA30 years experience

  • Chiropractic, physical therapy, Cold Laser, applied kinesiology for pain elimination and sport athletic enhancement. Most Insurance Accepted

for appointments or954-979-2333 to speak with Dr Cliff

Northwest Hospital Medical Plaza, sutie 305 , Margate Fl

Located across from the entrance to Northwest Medical Center