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Homeopath on Using The Asyra

Magdalena Whitehouse has 25 years experience as a healthcare professional. Starting her career as an NHS nurse, she obtained a masters degree in homeopathy and now teaches homeopathy and acts as locum for the Dynamis School, a world authority for classical homeopathy. She has been using the Asyra bio-energetic testing device in her practice for 5 years. We take a few minutes of her time to find out how she combines classical homeopathy with this new health screening technology.

How have you been using the ASYRA along side your works as a Homeopath?

It took me a little while to get use to the machine, and to see how it could best be used to complement classical and complex homeopathy. What the Asyra offers is quite amazing. It enables you to understand what’s behind the physical symptoms that the body presents – the state of the body on an energetic level. I need to make decisions about the right treatment path for each individual on a case-by-case basis. The focus has to be on what their body requires, which may not come immediately through classical homeopathy.

I use the Asyra to treat the causes of physical symptoms, to help the body prepare and restore. I continue to use classic homeopathy to work with emotional causes – like bereavement, panic attacks and so on – once the body is healthy.

It’s a fantastic development for homeopathy in general. We have become a bit sick from our outer environment. This is the digital age, there is technology all around us, giving out new kinds of energy for the body to absorb and deal with. Sometimes classical measures aren’t so well matched up to the modern reality.

It’s also of great use when an individual is currently are unable to accept classical homeopathy. It’s purely energetic in both analysis and treatment so it’s absolutely gentle. It provides so much good information and is hugely versatile.

How has the ASYRA benefited your practice?

There is a certain amount of energy and body strength required for classical homeopathy to have the best results – the remedies require the body physically and mentally to be able to accept the change. The Asyra works with the body’s own natural energy. Using it means I can offer a range of different approaches.

The Asyra can highlight the most appropriate remedies for the individual, as well as analysing all of the states in the body. So any nutritional deficiencies or sensitivities show up. I can make the necessary dietary changes based on that, and understanding that the body is not strong enough to use homeopathy yet, I will use the Asyra imprint custom remedies to restore body’s vitality and strength. It’s made me a much more flexible practitioner – it’s great, I totally value it. It’s fantastic in cases like sleep deprivation, digestive problems, chronic fatigue, toxicity, and all of these harder to pin down health issues.

It can also encourage clients and ensure the client is taking responsibility. Homeopathy is complex, a difficult concept to understand; but people can grasp the Asyra health screening – they feel it’s more scientific and they love the visual reports. Homeopathy works on a physiological level, teaching the client to take responsibility for themselves and their own condition. This can be unpopular. The Asyra engages my clients. It’s truly a great tool.

In addition the Asyra brings people in to the practice. Once they’re in, I use whatever I feel they need the most and this is done by always staying true to my knowledge and experience as a homeopath.

Can you give some examples?

When someone comes in with chronic fatigue or low vitality this is when the body sees most things as a threat. The body is in a state of not being able to cope. The body is fighting but the adrenals are exhausted. 20% of people that I test on the Asyra show up for some sort of lymes – they’ve been in contact with it. These are the people who present with chronic fatigue ME. The heavy metal test is a great thing the Asyra can do.

The first thing I will look at restoring is the gut. I will run the Asyra Pro food sensitivity protocol, to help bring the general level of health up. As the body becomes stronger I can test that the body’s bowels are working well and performing the right way, and we can continue with the treatment. We might introduce supplements, such as probiotics or enzymes as a short-term solution. Then, as a long-term solution, I can introduce classical homeopathy.

Would you recommend the ASYRA health screening technology to other Homeopaths?

Yes I would recommend it. Although I do know that classical homeopaths will have questions. Changes in the internal and external environment can make it harder for any of us to completely heal. The outside environment has changed; the way we practice homeopathy needs to change with it in order to help people exist as healthy beings. It’s a really useful tool. I worked for a long time without it. In certain cases, I’d even say it is better than classic homeopathy. As long as you know how to use classic homeopathy, then the Asyra is beneficial.

What made you go with the ASYRA?

The ASYRA provides an energetic treatment which is in tune with today’s world. Homeopathy fell out of favour; nutrition is very fashionable right now. However, nutrition alone can’t cure people. The Asyra is based on homeopathy, and the future is energy medicine. One must recognising the energetic state and balance and put it right.

I did think, after spending 6-8 years practicing without technology, “why would a machine do it for me?” However, I saw that the Asyra picks up things that are really interesting and brought up some quite surprising remedies. I thought “this is going to enhance my practice” – and it did.

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