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Case Study: A Mystery Malady


Hazel Drummond, Nutritionist, Homeopath, Psychotherapist.

Name: Catherine
Age: 45

Catherine had always been a very healthy sportswoman. She kept fit, ate well, and felt great… until, for no explicable reason, she found herself not feeling quite right. Her energy levels were down to about 4/10. She had gained weight – mainly on the stomach area – and been experiencing bloating. She was suffering from sleep problems, brain fog, tachycardia, and a lack of concentration. She had been experiencing an unquenchable thirst, accompanied by a dry mouth and a strange craving for salt. And she was getting cramps in her legs.

This went on for a year before Catherine came to us at NutriVital Health. She booked in with our clinic director Hazel Drummond, nutritionist, psychotherapist, and homeopath. Hazel reports:

“We spent quite a long time on the case history and my obvious conclusions were that there must be some serious adrenal problems as well as a build up of toxicity from some long courses of antibiotics, from steroid inhalers for a long term asthma condition and also from many amalgam fillings and root canals. Candida had to be a big issue as well. At this point in a consultation, I usually have a number of remedial supplements and remedies in mind. I love seeing if the Asyra health screening is going to agree with me or throw up an insight that I have overlooked.


The number one issue that came up in the comprehensive screening was electrolyte disturbance. This was followed by an unusual amount of chemical and heavy metal toxicity causing stress and inflammation throughout the body. To my surprise the adrenal glands themselves did not come up (I was testing only on normal sensitivity) but this showed me that I needed to direct my treatment elsewhere. Without the insights from the Asyra health screening, I would probably have targeted the adrenals before anything else.

Other items that came up on the comprehensive were high homocysteine levels, so I knew that we would see B vitamins on the nutrient deficiency test. 5th chakra and a Bach flower remedy came up which opened up a discussion about emotional issues and how to express them. Electromagnetic stress was also very high on the list so we talked through the positioning of radio clocks and mobiles etc around her bedroom. X rays came up because of dental and medical x rays.

At that point, I added a couple of other tests. I wanted a homeopathic constitutional and some tissue salts in my remedy. Amazingly 7 of the 12 tissue salts came up, which is quite unusual. I also needed an extra remedy for the pituitary gland which was still showing stressed in the post test.

As soon as the baseline was showing balanced I was able to run the individual applications test to find out how long I needed to imprint the remedy and whether it had to be multichord or individual dilutions or both. In this instance it was for 2 minutes with both. There were 37 remedies in the hold tank which may seem quite a lot to many but it ‘felt’ just right to me. Having completed imprinting the remedy I then ran a food sensitivity test and, very importantly, a nutrient deficiency test. I chose remedies from that list.

So as well as giving the all important remedy from the machine (and lasering it) we gave a prescription of LV-SOL (to drain and support the liver), Acidophilus, B Complex, Chlorella, Supertrace and Iodoral (1 a day). On the results you can see that this has been run in individual dilutions. This helps us to gauge whether we need to give an actual supplement or whether an energetic imprint is enough. Any of the M series can be given as an imprint (you’ll notice that Vitalyze which I would normally have given for candida came up as an M series. Again this shows that we can deal with this issue later). All the others, V to K can be given as supplements. I gave her some basic healthy dietary guidelines (although her diet was already good as she is quite informed on nutrition).

I asked her to come back in a month so that we could re-assess whether we needed to treat any candida, adrenals or increase the Iodoral.

Catherine returned in a month. She had adjusted the dose of Iodoral Iodine supplementation to two a day, which she felt had re-balanced her thyroid symptoms. All salt cravings had gone in the first week. Her appetite was back to normal. Energy levels were now at 8 and often at 10. She had lost half a stone in weight and it was continuing to drop. Her sleep problems had gone and there was no sign of any tachycardia. She felt just like she used to.

She will keep up the supplements for at least 2 more months and then come back for reassessment.”

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