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An example for physicians who utilize physical agents (supplements) in their practice. The Asrya gives specific need based on signature screenings.

Case Study: Using the Asyra in a Consultation


You’ve probably encountered many clients who have come to you as a last resort, hoping you can help them live free from a wide range of symptoms for which conventional treatment has offered no solution. We do at our clinic. And for the first time, we present to you a step-by-step case study of the treatment of such a client.

Click here to download a pdf version of the case study, on which you can see the Asyra screenshots clearly.

Sex: Female
Age: 35


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, energy rated at 2/10, fibromyalgia, terrible pains in legs, brain-fog, PCOS, ovarian cysts, allergies, sore throats, anxiety dreams, night sweats, waking with palpitations, cravings for salt and sweet.


Antibiotics, contraceptive pill, antidepressants, painkillers, blood transfusions. Already visited a number of practitioners and is eating a relatively healthy diet and taking a number of supplements. Client requests to not take any more capsules.

The Consultation:

The first step that was taken by the practitioner was to discuss the client’s health status, history, habits and objectives. Out of this came some small general recommendations such as cutting out hair-dye and making some dietary adjustments:

  • Only eat organic meat, if at all
  • Reduce consumption of chicken
  • Drink more water
  • Eat raw vegetables before meals
  • Chew food more, and take more time over meals

The practitioner then proceeded with the Asyra screening part of the consultation.

The Baseline Screening

The client was the invited to take hold of the two brass handmasses in preparation for a Baseline Screening. Each screening takes around one minute and the results displayed on your computer monitor. The images that follow are screenshots.


The purpose of the Baseline Screening is to establish an overall picture of the client’s health and identify areas that may be at the root of the symptoms the client experiences.

The results of the Baseline Screening for this client indicated issues such as: – Connective tissue, sinus and reproductive systems out of balance – Spleen, stomach, liver and appendix stress and inflammation

The Comprehensive Screening

The next step was to conduct a comprehensive screening to identify the resonance of specific energetic signatures. In this, thousands upon thousands of energetic signatures are passed through the test plate and the resonance that each one has within the client is recorded, in order to determine which remedies will bring the client back to balance.


This screening defined 25 specific signatures including protozoa parasite, and Vassopresin, Triiodothyronine, DHEA and Estridiol, which all relate to hormone balance.

The practitioner then added in 5 more of her own selection from the Asyra library in order to tackle other issues such as headaches and Candida. She then ran a couple of additional tests in order to bring the post test back to balance.

In line with homeopathic theory, these energetic signatures are used remedially.

The Advanced Allergy Protocol

The practitioner decided, based on the symptoms described by her client, that she would go on to run the Advanced Allergy Protocol screening. This is a two-part process that identifies allergens specific to the client, forming the basis of another tailor-made and highly targeted homeopathic remedy.

Ten categories of allergen were identified in the first stage of the AAP – a relatively high number – and the Asyra recommended tackling 5 of them to begin with:

1) Air pollutants,
2) Phenolics
3) B complex mix
4) Hormones
5) Physical agents

In the second part of the AAP, the practitioner re-screened for each allergen in order to identify the specific signatures of those affecting the client.


For example, the phenolics screening identified the most allergens – 7 just in that category in this case: Caffeic Acid, Chlorogenic Acid, Indole, Uric Acid, Tryptamine, Vanillamine and Gallicic Acid. This went some way toward explaining the symptoms that the client was experiencing.

The energetic signatures of each allergen in each category were then saved.

The Food Allergy Test

In order to advise more targeted dietary changes, the practitioner ran the food allergy test. A broad range of foods were highlighted in this case including wheat, soy, corn, barley, chocolate, and beans.

The Matter-Energy Disruption Protocol

As a final step in the Asyra screening process, the practitioner ran the Matter-Energy Disruption Protocol. This screening is of particular use when dealing with sensitive clients as it helps ensure that all of the signatures collected in all of the screenings will agree with the client, helping avoid reactions.

The Treatment:

The practitioner imprinted two separate tailor-made homeopathic remedies – one of the signatures identified by the Comprehensive Screening and one of those identified by the Advanced Allergy Protocol screening. This is a simple process, wherein a homeopathic carrier is placed onto the Asyra test plate and the selections run. A one-month supply was provided in this case.

70To support this homeopathic healing process, the practitioner used a low-level laser to directly input the energetic signatures into the client. The laser is applied to the front, back and sides of the client.

The further dietary changes as informed by the Food Allergy Test were also recommended to the client.

Yucca and Acidophilus were prescribed in this case to help heal the gut from the damage from the client’s history of antibiotics and allergies. This would allow the other physical agents that the client was taking to work properly.

Ad-Rev, a homeopathic complex containing Bach Flower Remedies, was also prescribed to restore the client’s adrenal system.

The Results:

The client returned 6 weeks later. Her energy levels were now at 6-7/10 and she was feeling much clearer. Her nights were now undisturbed and she no longer experienced food cravings. She had no more pain in legs, and had come off of pain killers.

Her practitioner repeated the screening process and is due to see this client again in 2 months, which should mark the end of the treatment and the start of another happy – and healthy – customer making referrals.


The Asyra is a highly flexible health screening device that can be used centrally to consultations or to complement your existing approach. It is currently used by a broad range of practitioners including homeopaths, nutritionists, kinesiologists and naturopaths. Practitioners consistently site improved patient engagement and outcomes, greater ability to get to the truly pertinent issues faster, and more tailored treatment plans as key benefits of using the Asyra.