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Attached is your Asyra report. Everyone's response is
different. If you are a 'normal' healthy individual, most likely you
won't feel extraordinary changes, changes will be subtle. If you
have severe chronic complaints, one usually notices the changes in the first
few days to 2 weeks, sometimes overnight. Chronic issues take 3-6 months
of treatment to resolve. Each visit will clear the next layer of issues,
often in reverse order of how they were obtained. Balance improvement is
fairly instantaneous and will be maintained. Emotionally you should feel
more relaxed and digestion should improve. Sinus and digestive issue
usually improve first, some quickly others over a month or two.

Take your remedy in the morning and the evening.
Place the drops under your tongue, and do not eat or drink for 5 minutes, just
go about your normal routine. The remedy taken over the next 4 weeks will
gently balance your meridians (acupuncture energetic channels) improving all
body systems. During the first week the remedy can be taken more often up
to hourly if needed.

Detoxification Reactions:

On occasion people who are very sensitive, toxic or highly
stressed will have a detoxification reaction the next day. This is a
tiredness or exhaustion. This reaction shows extreme change and is good,
it means cleansing was needed and is now occurring. Usually a few days later
you will feel extremely better. Most often improvement is slow and
steady. Most notable are sinus clearing and digestive improvements.

The most pronounced changes occur when multiple allergiesare found. In this case with each additional visit we will run
profiles for additional allergy areas, first for Food Sensitivities, next
Environmental Sensitivities, inhalants and toxicity profiles.

Allergy Clearance enhancement:

Food allergies that show up on testing will clear or
normalize over the month of treatment. To enhance clearing of
specific sensitivities, avoid or stay away from the offending item. For
foods this is simple, avoid them (or their whole group) for a period of 3
days. Sometimes 24 hours is all it takes. If you have a large list
of sensitivities pick a few at a time and avoid them for 3 days. The next
3 days repeat till all are cleared.

No Dairy products for 3 days consecutively

No deep green vegitables for 3 days.

Inhalant sensitivities:

Inhalant sensitivities are difficult to stay away from and
will clear in time. If you have a cat allergy, try leaving home for a few
days without the cat. If molds are the issue, see if the problem is in
your home and resolve it as much as possible. Home air filters can be
helpful, leave them running in your bedroom all day to clear the air on
high. At night turn it to low if you need quiet for sleep.

Emotional Freedom technique

These profiles are the most
interesting. You can go to emotional and download the
book that explains this phenomenon. The Asyra appears to be very accurate
in its analysis, particularly feelings creating issues. Many may seem like
'fortune cookies' or good for all. Others are extremely right on the
Odd examples:

1. A young man age 21 comes in. Feeling creating issues said "extreme anger towards mate". I read it, looked at him and asked if it had any significance. His reply was to turn red in the face, and stated "I just caught my girl friend cheating on me with my best friend"

2. A male age 29 Feeling creating issues was "upset with seperation". His reply was that his wife kicked him out of the house last night and he is now separated and very upset.

3. The worse feeling creating issues statement has come up 3 times. The first was with a woman age 60 divorced 2 years, gained 75 lbs, lost her home and children to her ex, and had gone through 2 major surgeries for the neck and back. She was also using a morhpine pumb for pain control. The feeling creating issue stated, "your soul is ready to leave, suiciidal tendancies". Her response: how did that machine know that, I have been ready and wanting to die for over a month.

I can't tell you how they improved, or how the Asrya could read their emotional frequencies, but they did. Perhaps seeing your issue is whats needed to heal it. Perhaps the remedy balances the emotions as it does for allergies. Quite proufound.

Drink a lot of water (8glassses per day) tohydrate, and add a few simple exercises to your routine to assist in relaxing and improving circulation.

1. Do the door posture/shoulder exercises every day. These are simple and can be done anywhere to take the tension out of the shoulders and neck.

2. Do Williams exercises These are simple daily exercises to prevent and heal lower back injuries.