Dr. Clifford Fruithandler, D.C., PA
Chiropractic Physician

Exercises you can do at home, work and even in the bathroom. 2 minutes per day could save you from Chronic Headaches, Neck, and Shoulder pain. Regardless they will instantly perk you up, without a sweat

Do these for a few minutes 1-3 tmes day to prevent tension headaches, neck and shoulder pain. They are very good for reducing the sequela of whiplash injuries from an automobile accident or fall. They should feel good and a sterching ache is OK. If you have increased joint pain, discontinue and see your Chirpractor or Orthopedist for an evaluation. Feel free to call us for an appontment, we would love to help you heal and rebalance your life. Call 954-979-2333. Enjoy them everyday.

We accept Health, Workers Compensation and Auto Accident Insurance.

Above Experienced Margate Chiropractor in Zip codes 33063 33073 33067 33076 33073 gives Neck and Shoulder exercises you can do in the bathroom , home or at work, Coconut Creek Chiropractor,