Williams Low Back Exercises for alleviation and prevention of pain.

By Margate Chiropractor Dr Cliff Fruithandler demonstrated by Nick Player RPT student from Nova.

If you have recurrent lower back problems doing these simple exercises on a daily basis will help prevent reinjury. Regardless of whether your problem started as a automobile accident, picking up the kids or a sports injury, once the back is injured it never becomes 100%. These exercises will help you to get closer to 100%. If you had a choice of being the casino, or being the gambler everyone chooses the Casino, statistically they win more than lose. If you do these everyday, statistically you will be the Casino, you will have more good days than bad.

Follow the program. Initially go gently, and with each day increase the amount of stretch. Start doing them 3 times per day for several weeks until they are easy. At this point in time you have acquired a good habit. Continue at least daily at the time of day that works best for you. If you wake up with a sore back, do them before getting out of bed in the morning.

The pelvic tilts can be done anywhere. My recommendation is to do them when you are stopped at a red light. The first light hold for the entire time. The next light do quick repetitive thrusts (as long as no one is looking). On the next video we will show you exercises for the car and plane. IMPORTANT: If this or any other stretch/exercise causes pain, tingling, numbness or other abnormality discontinue and contact our office immediately. The exercises/stretches contained within this website are solely for the use of existing, active patients of our clinic who have received a prescription for these exercises/stretches. Other individuals do not have our permission to perform the exercises/stretches contained within and should not attempt to do so. Attempting to perform these exercises/stretches, unless explicitly prescribed by our office, could result in serious injury or a worsening of existing conditions.

Posture can be changed, but only by yourself. These simple exercises are a good start. Do them daily. To ensure success do them 3 times per day for the first 2 weeks. Then continue at your favorite or 'best' time. Add the following to your routine and success is yours. When it comes to antiaging, these will do more for how you feel and look.

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Extension Exercises

Shoulder Door stretch for posture improvement and relaxation

Alexander Sitting Posture Exercises

If you like the video above, we love to share specific techniques that can be done at home thereby educate our patients on how to reduce and prevent health issues including lower back pain, neck pain, car accident injuries. Exercise is to Chiropractic what fluoride is to Dentistry.

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