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Hormonal Balancing New Holistic Protocols for 2012

We have been using the new Asyra Pro Bioenergetic Biofeedback device for almost 3 years now. My initial introduction to it was by a energetic nutritional company for correlation with use of their Hypertensive product in a clinical trial. 18 of 20 participants who followed through all showed very positive changes and normalisation of blood pressure. I then continued with the Asyra actually trying to disprove its efficacy in diagnostics and in treatment.

What I found was that most people with very abnormal finding had some profound improvements. Unlike a drug though, it was impossible to say exactly what would occur, but generalities began and continue to show. "Normal" individuals found it difficult to see changes, as they were most likely subtle, but if a condition list were taken before and after treatment, the changes became more pronounced. ADD, ADHD, Autistic, Peripheral Neuropathy, Non controlled diabetics and patients with moderate to severe Allergy, digestive, emotional, and hormonal issues showed the greatest results because their symptoms were so obviously apparent.

In essence the Asyra measures energetic responses from tissues each giving off their unique frequency "fingerprint". This works much like the Hubble telescope reading starts that are 200 million light years away, it does it by analysing their electronic frequencies. In the body these frequencies have normal and abnormal ranges. Once an abnormal is found, a series of frequencies that could correct the imbalance are sent in, and when they create 'Resonance" or balance the abnormality, this frequency is saved and used for the treatment remedy. In essence, the treatment remedy has already been tested and found to work. All of the treatment remedies are combined into a Chord Remedy which is given to the patient to take over a set period of time usually 3-6 weeks where it gently eliminates symptoms such as allergies, indigestion, and yes even emotional components.

Hormonal Issues

Interestingly when doing a non specific comprehensive profile, those with hormonal problems, showed an emphasis on hormonal issues on the testing. PMS, Dysmenorhea, Menopause patients all showed positive improvement in their general balance. For both men and women the end results were increased libido, energy and less mood swings. Females reported dramatic reduction of menstrual pains and several stated increase vaginal wetness (where dryness was present prior). Females were more apt to talk about changes.

Hypothyroid conditions are the most common we have found and worked with. I correlate with the patients clinical symptom as well as with Applied Kinesiology (AK) and in symptomatic cases with blood work. The university of Utah completed a study in 2011 which showed a 97% correlation of Asyra with blood work regarding thyroid. The incredible part of frequency medicine is that the sensitivity is better than with traditional tests meaning issues may be found before blood test or full symptoms exist, This allows us to treat the condition at its earliest stage. Most of my patients who show thyroid imbalance, with treatment quickly show increased energy and reduction or elimination of symptoms.

Asrya gives us the energetic reading other hormonal areas particularly the hypothalamus and Pituitary. Weakness or imbalance in these controlling glands can create a snow ball rolling down the mountain effect in the rest of the hormone producing tissues. We haven't done any specific studies here except to say that hormonal issues are most common after allergic sensitivities. My feeling are the allergies we have produce inflammation and irregularities that then create problems in other systems. Balance is the key factor. To date we have had numerous patients who are on thyroids medications long term. After Asrya and often nutritional supplementation many have had their physciians lower the dosages of medications. PMS and Menopausal symptom improve well, some completly via symptoms, other had reduced symptoms.

More correltation needs to be done with lab work to prove efficacy. As this is not my forte, I have decieded to let the PCP decide for themselves. There are currently hundred of Medical Doctors and Osteopaths currentl using the Asyra system and laboratory correltations I am sure will be forthcoming.


Patients who came in for specific known allergies had the most pronounced affect. They came in with allergies to Foods, Cats, Molds, or simply chronic Sinusitis and congestion. The most pronounced changes occurred in the first month. Those treated with a second month appeared to show longer term results one year post treatment. Patients who didn't know they had allergies also showed changes particularly with foods. Foods found to be 'sensitive' were usually those they ate the most, such as dairy, eggs, meats, and those foods they avoided for unknown reason (intuitively they knew they were allergic and stayed away). The most common allergen were milk products and molds (this is South Florida). Everyone has some allergens, their body's responses have different sensitivities and symptoms.

ADD ADHD Autism Ashburger cases

ADD ADHD Autism individuals almost all showed positive improvements in the first month and continued improvement with continued treatment. I feel our biggest set back was not treating long enough to complete or get the maximum results. Cost and time available were the usual reasons for stopping care early. Of the patients treated long term (over 8 months) the results were much more obvious and lasting. All clients still had ADD ADHD or Autism, but were calmer, better spoken, less hyper, and had better attention than before. In our studies we did rely on the care takers observation, which could easily be biased, but our own observations showed the same to be true. This is currently not a cure all, but appears to work better or equal to the medications currently on the market. Almost all of these children showed 'vaccination disturbances' as one sensitivity.

Digestive Issues

People who's complaints were primarily digestive showed the greatest changes. Those who had digestion as a secondary complaint or finding improved , but not as dramatic likeabove where the 'Normal" patients showed mild improvements but needed questioning to bring out. Those with irritable bowel, chronic constipation favored best. Usually digestive enzymes or Biochol were recommended by the Asyra and these by themselves would improve digestive issues. Without the Asyra testing these secondary digestive issue clients probably wouldn't have brought up the issue.

The most profound were 2 patients treated about 2 years ago who both had a severe chronic history of IBS, one was on disability for it. Besides Irritable Bowel disease they also had a great deal of stress with dysfunctional families. With in one to two months both had a 90% improvement yet were unwilling to get excited over the change for fear of it coming back. Interestingly they also had very strong emotional issues that came out with the emotional freedom technique Asrya profile. The interconnections of emotional issues and IBS are very common.

Emotional Issues

This subject is difficult even for myself to comprehend. Yet the diagnositics of the emotional freedom technique put into the Asyra and the treatment given are effective at reducing emotional stressors over time. Having used Asyra for several years the emotional reading are definitely proportionate to the client. Yes some are what I call fortune cookies (good for everyone) especially with the "normal clients". More often than not, it brings out issue that are extremely specific. Here are two. I had a young man who came in after an automobile accident and I wanted to make a remedy for inflammation and pain. The 'feeling creating issues" came out saying "extreme anger towards mate". Since I knew he wasn't married, I expected it to be wrong. When asked if this had any meaning, he turned red with anger and said he caught his girl friend cheating on him with his best friend. This isn't just an occasional incident, it happens all the time.

We haven't done any clinical trials specific for Emotional issues, but clients in general appear to be less stressed as we see them. I cant say in any way its due to the EFT program, since we are usually treating other issues which clear and they feel better which in turn reduces stress.

We need research to improve, Frequency medicine is in its infancy

In a general comprehensive profile which tests all areas, the issues brought out are usually assosciate well with the symptoms the patient have. A great deal of research still needs to be done in this very new science of Bioenergetic/Energy/Frequency medicine. For me I am extatic with the results we have obtained particularly with conditions that have not responded to prior traditional and complementary medicine. My greatest excitement comes when a patient tells me that some issue they have had for a long period of time 'spontaneously got better' after we did a laser treatment. This is what got me started when Anne G stated she could feel her feet, something she hadn't had in the prior 10 years as she had severe perhipheral neuropathy from the knees down due to hypothyroidism. She had been treateing with a local neurologist for over 5 years.

Clinical Trials and Case Studies are our future toward proving Frequency Medicine

Modern medicine is not knocking the doors down to bring in safe natural healing, nor is the government spending millions to further reaserch in an area that will compete with the status quo. Reseach has been done at the University of Utah, Univertisity of Miami, Mayo and many others. The foundation of frequency medicines growth comes from the thousands of holistic practioners using it, and the referalls of their happy clients.

We continue to do Clinical trials (groups of patients with the same conditon) and Case Studies (folllow up and reduplication of care to get the same results) on a daily basis. I have takne on many impossible cases, some of which did not respond. By doing this we have furthered our knowlege base and began new protocols of care, particulaly with peripheral neuropathy, autoimmune disorders etct and other 'non treatable conditons. To keep cost down for the clients we have offered clinical trial rates and sometimes use of their health insurance if coverage was available. Further studies with pre and post outside clinical tesing are currently needed. Results also improved with the use of Asrya's nutritional deficiency profiles and nutritional recommendations. One could say as each were different based on the individual that this scatters the results as were they due to nutritional modifications or by the Asrya Remedy itself. In the first 2 months of care we try not to make any nutritional changes for this reason.

We are still looking for new clients for additional safe holistic research. The treatment is proven, but continues to be refined and improved. What is important for us is follow through of care. This is not a quick fix as Mother Nature works at her own speed. Results are appreciated in the first month and continue with time. We will only accept clinical trial patients who are willing to come in once per month for a period of one year. The first visit takes one hour, the follow ups usually 15 minutes. Financially we work based on need and ability to pay, but regardless, a one year commitment is necessary.

If you suffer from Allergies a new simple and inexpensive program may have the answers you are looking for. In conjunction with Chiropractic, Acupuncture and nutrition we utilize Functional, or Regulative Medicine with Asyra Quantum Biofeedback. Please browse our web site or more information. We have had excellent results with Chronic issues such as Allergies, Digestive complaints, Hormonal Imbalances, Asthma, RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy), MS, and Peripheral Neuropathies to mention a few.

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