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Homeopathy is eloquently and metophoically explained by Ingrid Dankmeyer below

When Do I Consult A Homeopath?

"As homeopaths, we seek to understand the core of your imbalance, rather than just silencing the symptoms as they appear. Homeopathy views your symptoms of mental, physical, emotional dis-ease as valuable messengers from our inner being. We understand that your eczema, heartburn, and insomnia have a common root and we focus treatment on that taproot, rather than just pulling the flower heads off of the dandelion, hoping thus that the whole weed will be eliminated. In fact, we see that medicating one symptom into oblivion often stimulates our core imbalance to redouble its efforts to be seen and heard, creating deeper, harder to treat pathologies."

Ingrid Dankmeyer

from "Inner Health through
Homeopathy" Report
Asyra homeopathy