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Osteoporosis the Complementary Alternative Medicine ( CAM ) view.

30 years ago the CAM practitioners recommended dosages of 600-1000 IU for the prevention of osteoporosis (OP) and other diseases. CAM physicians have been adamant about the anticancer role played by vitamin D. It is an honor and privilege that modern medicine had finally agreed with us after 30 years, now backed by their research.

When it comes to osteoporosis please remember the following as it is more important than the levels of vitamin D taken for prevention of bone demineralization. America grew up with commercials that stated "drink milk build strong bones". The reality is far from the truth. Osteoporosis is unheard of in the underdeveloped countries of the world (except where starvation) where their primary food source is vegetables and grains. OP is most prevalent the developed countries, including the United Stated, Canada, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. These countries also have the highest intake of cows milk, verses the underdeveloped countries with the least intake of milk. Its ironical that the more COWS milk you drink the greater the odds are that you will get OP. The more vegetables you eat, the less likely you are to get OP. Yogurt and Cheeses tend to be better but may still have the allergic sensitivities created by malabsorption of milk earlier in life.

The short answer is that Calcium/magnesium are found abundantly in vegetable that are easy to assimilate ie digest and absorb. Yes Cow’s milk has a lot of Calcium but it is bound up with proteins that are difficult to digest by humans. When 'formula" for babies came out in the 50's it was touted as better than Moms breast milk by its producers. The end result was a generation of Boomers given cow formula which later was found to cause issues including lactose intolerance or instability. The end result is millions of people who are now 'allergic' to milk products. Bottom line it cow's milk is difficult to digest. As we get older we slowly loose the enzymes to separate the protein from the Calcium, and the production of these enzymes needs more calcium than is present in the milk, the end result is the more milk you drink, the more calcium you loose. Add this to drops in hormone levels, particularly estrogen with age and you have Osteoporosis.

So reduce your cow's milk intake and increase your vegetables while perhaps taking digestive enzymes and the end result should be a balance or stopping of the negative calcium.

Of course Vitamin D is important and can be obtained also through vegetable and sunlight. The answer is moderation in all areas of life and eating. The greater the variety of foods eaten, the better chance of 'balancing' you diet. The Asrya technology gives us another unique safe and non invasive approach to not only testing for deficiency, but also to determine if your Calcium/Magnesium supplement is good for you. We do continue to learn, and for the most part Modern Medicine remains 5-15 years behind CAM nutritionist. The reason is simple, the CAM approach is not a drug promoted base and relies on smaller studies and clinical work. Modern Idiopathic Medicine is stuck with protocols longer as they tend to stick with what is "proven" by larger studies often hampered by the pharmaceutical competition. Both have their merits and with pharmaceuticals it is imperative to do large proving studies to find the side effects that may occur and thereby prevent the errors of early introduction such as the 'Thalidomide’s" of the past. In contrast there is minimal risk with natural elements that are already found in God's food.

In our practice we initially use the Asrya technology to clear dairy allergic sensitivities. This alone may be the answer to stopping or reducing OP. Next we look to improve digestion initially by adding hydrochloric acid and or enzymes such as lactase to improve Calcium/magnesium absorptoin. Systems and meridians are balanced with an Asrya homeopathic Chord Remedy and or acupuncture and or Chiropractic treatment. . We then test to see if the supplements you are taking are energetically in sync with your body. The end result is usually improved digestion, less flatulence , and improved energy levels.

Remember the basic 2:1 rule for Calcium : Magnesium. This ratio in supplements is important so as not to produce deficiency or over excretion of the the other.