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Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation are natural methods designed to reduce swelling, inflamation and pain, then to increase function strength and flexibility to allow our inate energy to better heal itself. The goal is simply to bring the injured area as close to or better than normal as is phyiscally possible. Each therapy has its own protocols and abilities. Physical Therapy is to musculoskeletal injuries as Flouride is to dental decay. Prevention at its best.

Soft Tissue & Massage Therapy

layoutWe have four massagel theapists each with their own style and techniques. There are a number of soft tissue therapy techniques which can be successfully employed to assist in the reduction of pain and muscle hypertonicity and spasm. Some of these include massage therapy, trigger point therapy, somatic therapy, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, acupressure point therapy, and rolfing. The need and benefits of these therapies vary from patient to patient. Depending on your condition and response to treatment we may incorporate one or more of these therapies into your treatment plan. Massage coupled with Chiropractic and Frequency medicine synergistically get superb results for pain manangement.

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Therapeutic Exercise Exercise For Life

layoutExercise is essential for a long, healthy and vibrant life. It has been scientifically shown to increase health by lowering blood cholesterol levels, strengthening the immune system, lowering body fat, increasing one's sense of well being, and increasing muscle strength, tone and function.

Chiropractors understand the importance of exercise and the essential role it plays in health. We encourage all patients to participate in physical activities which promote cardiovascular health and can assist you finding the right activity. We do recommend those over the age of 40 or those with known health problems to consult our office prior to initiating any exercise regimen.

Basic Low back and neck exercises

Exercise For Injuries (Physical Rehabilitation)

Therapeutic exercises for the neck, back, and extremities are an essential part of the rehabilitative process following injury. Chiropractic doctors commonly prescribe specific strengthening and stabilizing exercises and stretches for their patients with back, neck and extremity problems.

Exercises provide many benefits during the healing and preventative stages. Early on, exercise prevents muscle deterioration and promotes joint health. Later on, exercises increase strength, proprioception and stability to protect from new injuries and recurrences of past problems. page toppage toppage top

Neck Exercises and stretches

Therapeutic Stretches (Physical Rehabilitation)

layoutTherapeutic stretching is important to prevent scar tissue and adhesion formation following injury. Stretching is most effective when initiated early on in the treatment plan before scar tissues become permanent.

Maintaining a regular stretching program once the rehabilitation stage of treatment has been completed will help keep tissues flexible and loose, increasing mobility and preventing the development of new injuries.

Shoulder and door posture exercises

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Physical Therapy Modalities

layoutThere are some physical modalities which in certain cases can provide additional pain relief and accelerated healing. Some of these more common modalities include muscle stimulation, interferential stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, and diathermy (deep heating modality). All are natural forms of treatment using heat, cold, motion, light and electricity to improve function of the musculoskeletal system.

Electric Muscle Stimulation for Strains,Sprains, Tendonitis, Bursitis and Capsulitis

Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) for Strains uses sinewave stimulators to contract or tetanize muscles that are in spam. the end result is a pumping action of blood (nutrients and Oxegen) in, and waste products out, which reduces spasm and enhances healing. EMS units are safe and effective for muscle strains. We usually combine them with either ice or heat.

High Voltage Galvanic Stimulation has all the benefits of EMS with addtional polarity and the abiltiy to produce pain reduction. HVG is awesome for trigger point therapy as well. This therapy is better suited for deeper musclular and ligamentous conditons.

Interferential Stimulation has most of the beneftis of EMS and HVG above with the addtion of better pain management and the abilty to treat deep within the joints and muscles. This currents frequency computer driven sends a healing current from one electode to the other and will penetrate thorugh the shoulder and knee. Its can be set for reducing edema, pain control and Russian Stimulation. This modality is better suited for treating Sprains, Tendonitis, Bursitis and Capsulitis. It works with all joints and can create pain relief directly.

Russian Stimulation is used for stengthening the muscles and rehabiltiating soft tissues. '

Microcurrent stimulation the healer. Microcurrent is not ussually felt like all the above stimulators. The current changes the permiabiltiy of the cell walls allowing fluids and nutrtients to move freely again and this creates cellular reproduction or new cells called healing. It is very good with treateint the extremeities and supeficial musculoskeletal areas. It is also good for pain reduction but lacks muscle spasm reduction.

Hot and Cold: Heat is relaxing and vasodilates bringing more blood (nutrients and oxegen) into the area. This by itself creates healing and relaxation of the muscles. Cold or ice is the oppositie as it vasoconstricts squeezing out blood and reduces inflamation or swelling. Penetration is superficial, only a 2-6millimeters .

Infrared Diathermy creates heat that is deeper than a hot pack and can be very soothing. We use it in conjuction with acupuncuture where the needles are heated and energetics are enhanced.

Shortwave Diathermy produces heat deep into the muscles penetrating down to 2 inches. The heat is produced like a microwave from the inside out. It is especially good with large muscles and deep ligament complaints.

Ultrasound is the gold standard for treating deep bursitis, tendonitis, inflamation, and neruopathies. It produces high freuquency sound waves that massage the tissues at the cellular level sedating nerves and redcuing swelling. The sound waves penetrate to the oppositite side of the body, which is why its very useful with lower back pain.

Laser Therapy has been available for over 3o years and improving every year. Specific frequencies of light stimulate healing by normalizing the cell walls allowing nutrtients to again flow in and out. The light also stimulates or energizes the cell mitochondria which is the cells energy source. The energized cell replicates quicker creating faster healing. We have 3 types of lasers including a green remedy laser, red and 1060 laser and superluminous diodes. Laers are particularly good with extremeity joint issues like Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and Tennis Elbow. They tend to be less effective with large deep joints.

G-5 or Thumper occilating or percussing massagers helps mechnically move blood in and out of spastic tissues while also relaxing the body sensorium similar to manual massage.

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Employee Health Training & Education

layoutEmployee health training and education is aimed at reducing work-related injuries. Optimal workstation setup, the employment of ergonomics, training of proper lifting techniques, adequate physical conditioning and the employment of appropriate safety precautions all play important roles in employee health, work injury prevention, and employee satisfaction.

Part of any successful and effective treatment plan should address these issues.

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Diet & Nutritional Counseling

layoutDietary and nutritional imbalances are responsible for and contribute to a great number of disorders and illnesses which are prevalent in today's society. The top killers such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer have all been linked in numerous ways to diet and nutrition.

Doctors of chiropractic receive thorough training in the areas of human diet and nutrition. We can design a personalized dietary or nutritional program to minimize the risk of developing these killer conditions and to assist your body in achieving and maintaining optimal health and superior wellness.

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Lifestyle Modification Counseling

layoutGood health is much more than the absence of pain or discomfort. Health exists along a very wide scale and where you lie on that scale largely depends on the lifestyle choices you make on a daily basis. Years of many small unhealthy choices can manifest into very serious health problems. Unhealthy choices include habitual poor posture, improper lifting techniques, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, excessive reliance on medication, excessive soda and coffee consumption, excessive saturated fat consumption, lack of nutritious fruits and vegetables, and excessive mental stress. These slowly chip away at your good health. We can help you sort through and identify those unhealthy decisions and provide you with practical strategies to deal with and effectively manage them.

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