Dr Clifffs Notes August 2011 Asyra Miracles with Eczema and Cat Allergies

By Cliff Fruithandler DC


A 3 year old boy who was brought in for allergy treatments has responded well for allergy care. On his first visit skin conditions came up under system analysis. On questioning he has had Eczema for 2 years that covered his legs and forearms. We treated him with 2 homeo-pathic monthly remedies and 3 laser treatments for a total of 3 office visits. After 2 weeks he was 70-80% improved. Now at 8 weeks he is 90% improved with only a small patch on his dis-tal forearm. No other changes in lifestyle or diet occurred.

Peripheral Neuropathy:

A drummer with severe foot pain post vascular surgery came in for Asyra trial. The pain hasn't changed in over 3 months and he can't play the drums or feel his feet. At 1 week post treatment he states 20% improvement, now 3 weeks he is over 50% im-proved.

Cat Allergies:

Two clients came in for evaluation of allergies. On testing animal dander spe-cifically for cats showed. On questioning both had moderate allergies to cats. One month post their first treatment with laser and chord remedy the allergies had cleared. Unlike food allergies that give a general stuffiness, cat allergies come out with moderate symptoms upon being ex-posed. One is a follow up 3 months later, the other one month one treatment. Both had good improvement in the first month of care.