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Dr Clifffs Notes Asyra Miracle of the month October 2011 Metabolic Syndrome aka Syndrome X

October 2011 - Syndrome X

By Dr Cliff Fruithandler DC

Metabolic syndrome X is a combination of risk factors that come together at the same time usually after age 45. First is a pre-diabetic state of insulin resistance which may be due to emo-tional or chemical stress, nutritional deficiency, and excess weight Then insulin resistance stimulates fat production to the belly aka central obesity. At the same time the individual starts to show increased blood pressure, hormonal shifts, and general muscular achiness. It’s the latter that brings them to the office complaining of back and muscular pains. These pa-tients usually have low HDL and elevated triglycerides. If unchecked, syndrome X increases the risk of coronary artery disease, stroke , and type II diabetes. In our aging society this clini-cal syndrome has increased dramatically, along with myofascitis and fibromyalgia which may have similar roots.

If your blood pressure is increasing, and your weight is increasing with most to the belly while also feeling fatigued and general achiness, we may have the natural safe, and pain free solution for you. The Asyra Chord remedy custom made for you, helps to balance body’s energetic sys-tems (meridians) and reduces allergic sensitivities reducing stress at its core. Products like Life Force, with its nutritional tonic adaptogens helps to reduce insulin resistance. Combined treat-ment usually results is an immediate dramatic increase in energy, clarity of mind, and a sense of well being. The results are quite outstanding to the point of complete personality shifts to the positive. I have had numerous diabetics who were ‘uncontrollable’ return to normal glucose levels. This month we had 3.

Combining the above, with increased exercise, cholesterol lowering protocols, and weight loss, can bring about a reversal and normalization. Under out care, these patients tend to lose weight without trying once balancing occurs (especially if they use the increased energy productively by exercising.)

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