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Case Study 30 year old female, unable to concieve in 3 years

A woman entered my office to discuss staffing with me. I explained that I needed a Medical Assistant to help with the Asrya. The best way to explain my need was to show her how the unit worked. I asked her to tell me nothing about herself, lets see what the test showed, and I would tell her. The computerized equipment gives me body system analysis, acupuncture meridian weaknesses, and emotional reports. She was a very healthy, beautiful lady with no complaints.

Results showed imbalances in the female hormones, poor stress adaptation in the sexual organs, and high levels of stress. The individual remedies showed emotional issues which she agreed were hers. 3 remedies were suggested for menstrual cycle issues, the most important was for ovulation issues and pain with ovulation. I told her that her current issues were with female hormonal balance and most likely PMS or pain with her cycle. She had poor energy levels,

She was quite amazed as was I. She did have PMS issues, pain with her cycle, and she had just gone to infertility specialists to see what the problem was. She was told invitro would cost $30,000 +, a price she couldn't afford. I suggested she try the Asyra remedy, do a laser detoxification and utilize life force which together shold help to normalize her body. It may take a cycle or more to get balance.

She agreed and we treated her. Her energy levels increased imediately (a few days). I ran into her at a Advisory board meeting about 5-6 weeks later, she came up and told me she was 8 days late. She was happy. I went home and told my wife I got a pateint pregant, she smiled.

Acupuncture has been 60% effective with infertile females. This is my first pateint for inferililtiy issues using the Asrya. I will report again as others come in. The Asrya Bioenergetics to date has been quite spectacular. Allergies, Irriatable Bowel, Inflamation, fibromyalgai, MS, Lupus and even peripheral neuropathy have had remarkable poistive out comes. I do believe, without doubt, that the Asrya and EAV units like it will be the primary diagnostics and treatement of our future. The results are incredible and the technology has a long road of growth ahead.

Having performed acupuncture for 30 years, I have had decent success with infertile females. About 50-60% became pregnant within 4 months of starting care. Today I have a new tool that may be even more effective.