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Computer Generated Chord Remedies in the Asrya:

Computers with technological reading devices can imprint remedies or copy remedy freuencies and store them on a hard drive. Todays EDS elecrodermal screening devices like the Asrya may store 60,000 or more remedies which can be reproduced and imprinted onto a liquid medium or into a photon laser. These devices can also imprint the origianal frequency of almost anything creating new remedies. For example, local allergens can be collected and imprinted then used to clear endemic allergic sensisitivities.

With the Asrya we can now assess imbalanced frequencies coming from the body and then automatically send in corrective homeopathic remedies until a resonance occurs. The computer selects the best remedy from the test as the one that creates a resonance or neurtralizes the imbalance. It maintains this remedy in a holding area. Asyra then continues to screen for additonal imbalances and may repeat the procedure several hundred times . At he end of several hundred or thousands of tests, the balancing remedies are subjected to a mathmatical alogorithm to create one liquid remedy that contains all of the corrective remedy frequencies and adjusts each dilution or potency to so the end result is that you can take one remedy, for a set period of weeks, with the same number of drops. This chord remedy may have 2 to 100 different individual remedies with in it. If each remedy by itself cost $10 and there are 50 pretested treatment remedies in the bottle, individually purchase it would cost $500. In our office the Chord remedies are sold for less than $75 a dramatic savings. There is cost savings but more importantly all the individual remedies have been pretested to work.