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How Homeopathic Remedies are Made Past Present and Future

by Joe Lillard (Proprietor of Washington Homeopathic Products)

Classic Remedies

Homeopathic medicines are made in accordance with the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS). Its a four volume book written by homeopaths in the U.S. (with input from homeopaths in other countries), and recognized by the FDA as the way things are to be done. If remedies are made in any other way, they are considered "unofficial" and the method used must be proven by the user to be safe, effective, etc.

The HPUS identifies what a medicine is to be made from and how to make it. Whatever it is made from must be just that and nothing else - no additives, or contaminants of any kind. For instance, if a remedy is made from a plant, no inorganic fertilizers, bug or weed killers could have been used. If something is made from a chemical or mineral, we obtain them from an appropriate supplier who is responsible for providing us with a Certificate of Analysis.

An example - Cuprum is made from copper, but we don't get a penny from the mint & drop it in the mortar & grind away. What we use is pure copper ground as fine as talcum. We then grind (triturate) one part of that in 9 parts lactose for 4 hours to make the 1x (the 1c is made using 99 parts lactose). One part of the 1x is then ground for four hours with 9 parts lactose - the result is 2x. In order to convert (Cuprum) to dilution we must triturate (grind) it through the same serial method until we reach 8x. One part of the 8x is dissolved in 4.5 parts water - once dissolved 4.5 parts ethyl alcohol is added and succussed. The result is a 9x. To go to a 10x, the 9x is succussed in a 1:9 (10x to alcohol). Succussion is done in a corked vial which is struck 25 times hard against the palm.

Aside - In England 10 succussions is mimimum while in Cuba 100 succussions are used.

Computerized Remedies the future

By Dr Cliff

Computer Generated Chord Remedies in the Asrya:

Computers with technological reading devices can imprint remedies or copy remedy freuencies and store them on a hard drive. Todays EDS elecrodermal screening devices like the Asrya may store 60,000 or more remedies which can be reproduced and imprinted onto a liquid medium or into a photon laser. These devices can also imprint the origianal frequency of almost anything creating new remedies. For example, local allergens can be collected and imprinted then used to clear endemic allergic sensisitivities.

With the Asrya we can now assess imbalanced frequencies coming from the body and then automatically send in corrective homeopathic remedies until a resonance occurs. The computer selects the best remedy from the test as the one that creates a resonance or neurtralizes the imbalance. It maintains this remedy in a holding area. Asyra then continues to screen for additonal imbalances and may repeat the procedure several hundred times . At he end of several hundred or thousands of tests, the balancing remedies are subjected to a mathmatical alogorithm to create one liquid remedy that contains all of the corrective remedy frequencies and adjusts each dilution or potency to so the end result is that you can take one remedy, for a set period of weeks, with the same number of drops. This chord remedy may have 2 to 100 different individual remedies with in it. If each remedy by itself cost $10 and there are 50 pretested treatment remedies in the bottle, individually purchase it would cost $500. In our office the Chord remedies are sold for less than $75 a dramatic savings. There is cost savings but more importantly all the individual remedies have been pretested to work.

On the other hand you can have a homeopathic first aid kit made up of individual or group remedies to keep on hand when minor issues come up. Below is a good explantion of classic dilutions potencies, and how remedies are made from where you can purchase individual formulas. Also include is Hmateria medica good for looking up individual remedies and their uses.

Dr Cliff

How Homoepathic Remedies are made Classic and Computerized Clifford Fruithandler DC, Located in Margate Homeopath, Coral Springs Homeopath 33067,33065, CoconutCreek 33073 33060