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Exceptional Value

The Asyra system is one of the most powerful and reasonably priced systems available to health care practitioners interested in bioenergetic medicine. When you purchase the Asyra, you're not just buying another piece of equipment-you're acquiring a powerful new addition to your practice, backed by a comprehensive five year warranty and incredibly valuable extras!

I have used units that are 3 times the price but without the results. Most other units take 30 minutes to an hour for testing without getting all the results the Asyra does in 3-4 minutes. The filtration system and years of experience do make a difference.

Their comprehensive warranty is very simple-if any component of your hardware fails, they will repair or replace it immediately!

Additional Benefits

  • FREE Lifetime Software updates via the Internet
  • FREE Clinical Support via telephone or remote access
  • FREE Technical Support via telephone or remote access
  • FREE Virtual Training via onboard tutorial videos or remote