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Asyra miracle of the month with Inner Ear Infections:

October 2011 By Dr. Cliff Fruithandler

This has been the start of runny nose season. We Chiropractors love treating young children for chronic inner ear infections. They usually respond well to gentle adjustments and come to us as a referral from their Pediatrician or as a last resort to avoid tube implants in the ears. This month we had 3 children with inner ear infections and chronic upper respiratory infections and or allergies. All 3 had a dramatic improvement within a week, and what appeared to be normalization by 2 weeks. Chiropractic with the Asyra balances the energetic meridian systems and desensitizes allergic response. I cant tell you which one did it, they all just seem to loose their runny nose the week after the natural painless non invasive treatment.

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If you suffer from Allergies a new simple and inexpensive program may have the answers you are looking for. Functional or Regulative Medicine using Asyra Quantum Biofeedback. Please browse our web site or more information. We have had excellent results with Asthma, RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy), MS, and Peripheral Neuropathies.

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