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Balance Issues and Falls have a new treatment

By Clifford Fruithandler DC

America today is being confronted have by a dramatic epidemic of falls within our geriatric population. There are over 90 million Americans age 17 and older who have experienced dizziness at some time in their lives or experienced some other balance problem.

Statistics show that that around 13 million Americans over age 65. Currently have balance disorders that significantly interfere with their activities of daily living. Every year, greater than one third of Americans over 65 actually fall, with nearly 16,000 of these will die with as a result of the fall according to the US Centers for Disease Control.

What can be done to prevent these injuries? From a treatment perspective new From a treatment perspective new technologies along with ancient remedies can be very effective in reducing or eliminating balance issues. We utilize the AsryaQuantum Biofeedback which usually gives an almost instantaneous improvement in balance. This improvement is usually seen imediately after the first treatment.

Our Life Force nutritional herbal product also improves balance and clarity of mind. Life force has herbal adaptogens that are tonics which improve or 'correct' what ever it finds. These products have been proven over thousands of year and are now improved upon through combining and energetic balancing.

Both Acupuncture and Chiropractic can improve balance. Combining all of these is BioenergeticMedicine also called Regulative Medicine or Functional medicine.

If you have balance issues please come in for a Asyra and Kinesiology
evaluation to see if might be able to help you.

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