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Chronic Pain Relief with new technology in Bioenergetic Medicine

Having been in practice now 30 years I was quiet happy with
the positive results we were obtaining for treating chronic neck pain, chronic
pain syndrome, pain management and general pain relief. I utilized Bioenergetic
processes including Chiropractic, laser, acupuncture and others. Neuromusculoskeletal issues were my forte.

In the past 2 years we have gone and taken a quantum leap with the addition of
Asrya technology in the field of Bioenergetic Quantum Biofeedback. This new
technology has the ability to read thousands of frequency signatures from the
body, determine the acupuncture Meridian imbalances It also quickly helps me to
isolate chiropractic spinal misalignments and at the same time produce a viable
custom homeopathic medicine. My current correlation with the Asyra computer and
applied kinesiology muscle balancing allows us to make corrections quicker and
then with longer-lasting positive results and outcomes.

What makes this technology to good to be true is its ability
to instantly balance the body's energetic channels or meridians. The end result is physical improved balance,
and balancing of the hormonal, digestive, neurological systems via laser detoxification
and customized homeopathic chord remedies.

Asyra Introduction Video