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EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques are built into the Asyra Quantum Biofeedback

As a kinesiologist we have been working with the body's relflexes to balance meridians. EFT is a techinque that may help to release pent up emotions. The Asyra has the energetics of this system of care built into the software diagnostics and treatment. Below is a well written article by Mary E Stafford M.Ed, LPC giving the history of EFT.


--- Mary E. Stafford, M.Ed., L.P.C.

Emotional Freedom TechniquesTM (EFT) is a powerful approach that quickly resolves emotional distress. EFT is an elegant demonstration of the mind/body connection. Many physical complaints such as chronic pain, headaches, and asthma symptoms are also frequently removed. EFT works quickly and clients do not need to repeatedly re-experience the negative emotional state. EFT is simple to use, effective at least 80% of the time and has virtually no adverse side effects.1

The speed and effectiveness of EFT is the result of treating the problem at its source, the imbalances in the body's energy system. Stressful and traumatic experiences, that are not resolved, leave the body’s energy system in a state of imbalance, and we experience strong negative emotions that are difficult to let go of as a result. Once these imbalances are corrected, the negative emotion quickly shifts into a positive emotion. EFT does this by having the recipient "tune into" the negative emotion, tap a set of acupressure treatment points and perform other energy balancing exercises to help the mind/body heal itself. This process can take from five minutes to an hour depending on the number of aspects (separate emotional parts of a feeling or a memory) which need to be treated.

EFT was developed by a Stanford engineer named Gary Craig. He had a life long interest in helping people become more successful and eventually became a personal performance coach. In the early 90's he studied Thought Field TherapyTM with its discoverer, Roger Callahan, Ph.D., a psychologist. Callahan applied the principles of Applied Kinesiology (AK) to the treatment of emotional disturbance. He first discovered the effectiveness of this approach when treating a woman who was powerfully phobic of water:

"My first subject for this new treatment," he wrote, "was a woman who had lived most of her life with a severe phobia of water. She became sick to her stomach if she had to stand near a pool (which she only did when treatment demanded), if she was caught in the rain, or if she drove past a lake or along the ocean shore. She developed a splitting headache every time she came in for treatment, and she literally could not look at water, even from a distance, without feeling ill. Even thinking about water caused her to have headaches and an upset stomach.

"She could not recall a time in her life when she was free from this fear. I had been treating her, using systematic desensitization and R.E.T. (Rational Emotive Therapy) for a year and a half, which is not all unusual for such deep-seated phobias, and I had so far had minimal success.

"One day after learning about and studying Applied Kinesiology, I tried this new approach. The treatment took only about 1 minute. When I tested her after the treatment, it appeared that she had lost her fear. She knew immediately—even before any verification by testing—that the fear was gone.

"The following day, she reported on her first night of ‘freedom’. That evening we had a terrible thunderstorm. I was well aware that this event would normally be an occasion of particular fear for her. But she told me she had felt a wish to stand and watch the storm over the ocean in order to give an acid test to the cure. She drove to the shore (something she had never done before, even with company), parked her car, and walked down to the dark raging water. She told me that, standing there—alone—she felt a deep inner joy. Her lifetime fear was ended."2

After this amazing discovery, Dr. Callahan undertook a study of the application of AK to the treatment of phobias. He published what he learned in his first book, in 1985, Five Minute Phobia Cure3. He discovered that, not only phobias, but most all emotional distress could be relieved. He used AK to diagnose which energy meridians needed treatment and then applied treatment to those meridians. Dr. James Durlacher in his book, Freedom From Fear Forever4, and Dr. William Whiesenant his book, Psychological Kinesiololgy5, also describe how they used AK to treat negative emotions.

Therapies such as Thought Field Therapy and Psychological Kinesiology, which are based on Kinesiology, all involve diagnosing the specific imbalances which are causing the negative emotion and then treating that meridian. Mr. Gary Craig made a major contribution to the field by discovering that while disruptions could be diagnosed and treated specifically, through the use of AK muscle testing, this was unnecessary in most cases. Craig found that, usually, all that is necessary is for the client to focus on the distressing emotion or memory and then tap a set of specific points. This allows any negative emotion to be treated by the same process and makes Emotional Freedom Techniques a very comprehensive, simple, and easy to learn approach that resolves most emotional distress.

Below are Mary's Bio CV

Mary E. Stafford, M.Ed., L.P.C., T.F.T.-dx, E.F.T.-Master, Diplomate - Comprehensive Psychology 9941 North Placita Papalote Oro Valley, Az 85737 (520) 575-1497 [email protected] Background: Mary E. Stafford, M.Ed., is an Arizona State Licensed Professional Counselor with 23 years experience. She is a member of the American Counselors Association, Arizona Counselors Association, and the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. Counseling is her second career. Her first career was in biochemistry. She has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from University of California, Irvine, and worked in that field for 10 years before making a career change to a field she felt would be more fulfilling. At that time she went back to school and earned an M.Ed. in Counseling and Guidance from the University of Arizona. Since 1981, Mary has worked as a counselor in various settings including as a crisis counselor for a state agency where she routinely had clients in extreme states of distress. Late in 1996 she learned Thought Field TherapyTM (TFT) and began using it with amazing results. She trained with Dr. Roger Callahan, the developer of TFT, in 1997, so that she could offer the training to other professionals. Since then she has been counseling individuals and groups in her private practice, MindBody Therapies, and training other mental health professionals in TFT and Emotional Freedom TechniquesTM (EFT).Mary has earned the basic level certification in EFT (E.F.T.-cc) and the Advanced Level (E.F.T.-adv).She has been training professionals in EFT since 1997. On September 1, 2006, she earned the title, 'EFT-Master', and, on December 1, 2006, she was awarded the designation, Diplomate - Comprehensive Energy Psychology. She is a warm and caring person. With her skills in counseling and her knowledge of these new MindBody approaches to emotional well being, she is readily able to help clients reach their goals. Areas of expertise: Mary counsels children, adolescents, and adults of all ages with a wide range of difficulties. She enjoys helping clients set and achieve their goals. Specific problem areas, where she has successfully aided clients, include:

  • anxiety and panic disorders
  • depression, grief and loss
  • chronic anger
  • self-esteem and family of origin issues
  • post traumatic stress disorder
  • the stress of chronic pain and illness
  • addictive urges for cigarettes, etc.
  • weight loss and maintenance
  • test and performance anxiety
  • all types of phobias including fear of flying, snakes, spiders, elevators, and heights.
Mary is an experienced presenter of EFT to groups of 5 to 25. If you desire a training in how individuals can use EFT as a stress management skill, please contact Mary at (520) 575-1497. [email protected] . See also: EFT WORKSHOP. Location: Mary's office is in OroValley, northwest of the city of Tucson in southern Arizona. The emotional freedom technique is good for treating a variety of conditions from automobile accident injuries , temporomandibular joint syndrome , digestive issues and most stress related disorders. Image3