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The Pro-active Pursuit of Good Health

Asyra and LED also represent a complete paradigm shift in medicine. As people see their loved ones, friends, and business associates fall victim to chronic disease, many people want to know how to head off what may be in their future. They do not want to wait until the day their body has failed and they become "sick." They want to look into their bodies now and see where the weaknesses are and address them sooner, not later. The Asyra and LED are uniquely positioned to head off potential problems, and are powerful tools in holistic approach to cancer treatment.

As Louis Pasteur said on his deathbed: "The pathogen is nothing; the terrain is everything." That explains why one person comes down with the flu in the winter and another person does not - the second person was better able to fight off the pathogen, the virus. A strong terrain, or some might say a strong immune system, is the best defense against illness.

The Asyra and LED evaluate and assist in forming a cogent strategy for better health and building a stronger terrain.

This is medicine of the future today. Although new, frequency Medicine is ultimate in preventative care as often we can find issues before blood work shows them and at a time when a reversal is still possible.


If you would like to learn more about laser energetic detox, or an Asyra evaluation please call Dr Cliff at 954-979-2333. For classes in Florida or at your healthcare location call 954-336-0776 his cell direct. Medicine is