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Asyra & Frequency Medicine Imprinting

From Asyra .com

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Imprint-Website Reseach Study.

In the vibrational paradigm of Imprinting, which the Asyra
utilizes to create remedies unique to each patient, works by emitting an
electromagnetic signature, vibrating at a specific frequency that can be sensed
and responded to by the cells of your body.

These frequency signatures create an entity called a hyperproton,
basically concentrated energy and Dr. Benveniste demonstrated that the frequency
given off from a given therapeutic agent could be recorded, digitized, and
emitted into a liquid medium and then given to a biological system to generate a
biological effect.

In the study, you can see that the 25 patients that received an
Imprinted remedy that was generated by Asyra technology showed a 90% decrease in
symptoms; whereas the placebo group which received a Non-Imprinted remedy and
the control group who took no remedies showed less than a 1% change.

The Asyra contains tens of thousands of specific frequencies that
can be used to assess a patient and then transmit (Imprint) the specific
signatures, which show of value, into a remedy specific to that patient.

Allergy Desensitaization Chart