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Auto/Work/Sports Injuries Chiropractors in Margate

Migraines/Headaches - Sciatica Whiplash Injuries -
Slip and Fall Injuries Automobile Accident InjuriesShoulder Pain - Knee Pain -
Hip PainNumbness/ Tingling in the extremities??

All of the above can be
symptoms of trauma and are very common injuries after an automobile accident or
fall. These may be 'Whiplash" or a sudden acceleration injury.

My name is Dr. Cliff Fruithandler
DC. I've been practicing chiropractic medicine in Margate, Florida for the past
30 years. We are conveniently located
near Coral Springs, Coconut Creek and in Margate south of Sample Rd off 441 on
the south side of Northwest Medical Center at 4800 Colonial Drive.

Since 1981 I have treated
over 20,000 patients for a myraid of conditions, most involving the
neuromusculoskeletal system particularly the spine. Chiropractors specialize in
correcting spinal misalignments correcting spinal subluxations. In my office,
we have adjunctive therapies, including acupuncture, massage, nutrition, counseling,
and physical therapy modalities. Every
patient is unique; therefore each treatment is customized to their needs and desires. Our unique bioenergetic approach to care
allows us to help people who have been to many practitioners prior, with no
help or resolution.

If you were involved in a
motor vehicle accident, with whiplash type symptomatology we can help. Your
automobile insurance usually pay s for most of the care, and if you have an
attonye we will be happy to give them all the information needed to complete
you case successfully. Dr Cliff enjoys
going to court when requested for his patients.

If you simply have neck
or back pain we can help. As a chiropractor, the most common complaint that we
see are neck and back pain . 85 to 90% of these will resolve well with our
gentle conservative care.

, please call us today
for a consultation and examination to see if we can help you with your physical

We also utilize the
latest technologies for your benefit. We
have bioenergetic quantum biofeedback called the Asyra. The Asyra has the
capability to help us diagnose specific conditions her maladies, and also then
provide natural remedies, such as homeopathic chord, and specific nutritionals
to eliminate deficiencies. the Asyra is a form of acupuncture Meridian therapy
which is been around for over five thousand years .as an acupuncturist, we can
also treat a wide variety of conditions including digestive disorders ,
hormonal imbalances , infertility , and even even emotional. Please give us the
opportunity to meet you. We believe in
Miracles, we look for them every day.

Please call 954-979-2333 or
Dr Cliff's Cell 954-336-0776 for an appointment or more information.