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You can't help but love massage

Benefits of massage therapy.
  • alleviation of lower back pain and improving ranges of motion
  • enhance immunity by stimulating lymph flow the body's natural defense system
  • exercise and stretch weak tight or atrophied muscles
  • improve condition of the body's largest organ. The skin
  • increase joint flexibility
  • reduce anxiety
  • relieve migraine pain
  • release and/or fitness, the body's natural pain killer
  • destress and feels great!!!!!!!
Reasonable costs maximum benefits make massage the healthcare and prevention deal of the century

Cost Swedish $75/hour $40/half hour. Call for specials or daily deals and coupons.

Neruomusclular Massage $60/unit

Shiasu/Vietnamese/Trigger point work base on need and time.

Reflexology $40/unit

Applied Kinesiolgoy $150 and is ussually covered by insurance if health issues are present.

Sports Kinesiology tune ups $100/half hour

Insurance accepted when applicable