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Our Massage therapists

Dr Cliff Welcomes New Massage Therapists Jennifer Williams LMT and Luz Silva LMT to Dr Cliff's Chiropractic and Wellness located at Northwest Medical Plaza at the intersection of Coconut Creek, Coral Springs and in Margate on the south side of Northwest Hospital.

Raymond Chan LMT has been with us for about 10 years. He does muscle isolation along with Swedish, neuromusculer, Triggerpoint and Medical Massage. He has incredible energy and focus good for specific issues such as chronic hip or shoulder pain. His also proficientin Shiatsu and other forms of Oriental massage. He is bilingual for Vietnamese and several dialects of Chinese originally from Vietnam.

Juan Dominingues LMT performs Swedish, neuromusculer, Triggerpoint and Medical Massage. He is bilingual for Spanish and Russian. He is a native of Cuba and spent his educational time in Russia.

Jennifer Williams LMT is excellent for the oppositve ends of the spectrum. She can give a relaxing stress reducing swedish massage or Deep neuromusculer to Rolfing massage. She is a native of Trinidad.

Luz Silva LMT is superb at relaxation and destressing with a light to medium touch. She does Swedish, neuromuscluler, Triggerpoint and Medical Massage. She is bilingual for Spanish and Portugese originally from Columbia.