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Chiropractors are the Whole Body Physician

by Clifford Fruithandler DC

With today's healthcare reform: for more focus on wellness and prevention of disease who is the Dr. of choice. As a chiropractor, we focus on wellness through counseling patients on exercise, stress reduction, nutrition, and lifestyle modifications to reduce disease along with our primary natural healthcare of spinal mobilization.

I consider myself a whole body physician. When patients come in with acute or chronic spinal problems, they want you to relieve their pain. Pain control brings them to the office, but most likely those individuals are experiencing other health issues that may be the underlying cause of their health condition and other issues that are preventable in the future. As a natural healthcare provider. We make health style suggestions, including losing weight to prevent back problems exercising regularly to prevent back problems and eating properly. Although our initial focus is neuromusculoskeletal complaints, my main concern is balancing entire body.

In my office taking blood pressures waits and other vital statistics is only the beginning. A comprehensive examination and most importantly history will often reveal allergies, digestive problems, circulatory issues such as hyper or hypotension. Early signs of diabetes and hormonal imbalances, particularly with the thyroid her most commonly found. When diagnosed early, most can be treated naturally and prevent it from ever becoming a true disease. This is what wellness care is about.

Bioenergetic medicine, including applied kinesiology, Asyra biofeedback, acupuncture meridian balancing, chiropractic and nutrition combined in my opinion is the best wellness and preventative programs available in today's society. By utilizing bioenergetic medicine, I have found on almost a daily basis, that we have the ability to help or correct so many issues that have been missed by traditional means. On any given day, I'll have a patient who is seen a myriad of doctors, who have given multiple diagnoses, treatments and suggestions to no avail. Often by looking at the very basics. We are able to turn these conditions around.

The Asyra's diagnostic tools, often the tech digestive and hormonal issues, prior to that found with blood work. For the past 30 years, utilizing applied kinesiology , we have been able to detect imbalances that indicated hormonal and digestive issues. The Asyra, brings out 5000 years of ancient meridian therapy wisdom, along with 100 years of chiropractic healthcare regarding spinal nerve issues, and to hundred years of homeopathic medicine. Together we have a new tool that even in its infancy is quite incredible. If you believe in preventative healthcare, see your primary care physician, dentist, and chiropractor at least yearly. If you have issues that are not clearing with these methods, please come in and haven't Asyra evaluation. Once the energetic systems are balanced, amazing things can occur, it's called healing.

Clifford Fruithandler DC