Asyra and Wound Healing

Clinical study of Fracture Nose Healing

The fear of any older weekend warrior is that of a sports injury. This past December this 55-year-old while out playing softball was running full steam to catch a pop-up when he looked up for the ball and instead all he saw was the bright sun. The next thing he knew, he was an ambulance and off to the hospital. Exam and x-rays were taken with a diagnosis of a fractured nose wiht lacerations. After five hours of the express ER treatment a plastic surgeon sewed up the nose.

I was told it would take 4 to 6 weeks to heal, and for the bruising to go away. The next day, I did an Asyra analysis which shower an inflamaroy and skin issue. I did a laser remedy using the Asyra and decided this would be a good opportunity to evaluate frequency medicine for wound healing. Below are the pictures which tell the storey. Pain relief was imediate, healing was rapid. I was told it would take 4-6 weeks to clear, it took one week. When the stitches came out the plastic surgeon agreed I was healing extremely well.

Is this the norm, I think not, particulary for the black and blue to clear.

Day of injury:

IMG00072 20101205 1530

24 hours later:

cliff 20fx 2024 20hrs

3 Days

cliff 20fx 20day 203 1

7 Days:

cliff 20fx 20day 208