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Patience is a Virtue sometimes it takes time. Neck pain alternatives

3 months ago I began making house calls to an elderly home bound 95 year old women. She was in excellent health, with all her faculties. Her issue was balance for walking and severe neck pain. Her Orthopedist, and primary care physicians gave up on her as did the physical therapist, they said you'll have to live with it. She called for an Acupuncture and Asyra evaluation, she couldn't come in to the office, so I went to her. After her first treatment using Asyra Quantum Biofeedback she had immediate improvement with balance. I continued to treat her 2 times per week for 2 months at which time I was ready to give up and ask her to be happy with the improved balance. Each visit she was "a little better" but still rated her pain on a 9 out of 10 for pain. At least it improved from her 10/10 beginning.

Last week I was going to tell her its time to accept what you have and live with it. We were going on 12 weeks. To my surprise on her last visit she said she was 80% improved. For both of us we were ecstatic. I told her I was ready to give up, and she gave me a good lesson in patience. I am used to seeing results in a few days to few weeks, less we forget mother nature works at her own rate. So lets not give up too easily, for with time, care and exercise reversals of maladies can occur even at the prime age of 95. Too often Seniors feel they are 'too old' or 'too fragile' for natural health care. The reality is G-d has given us all we need to survive and thrive, too often its answering the puzzle of what therapy is best.
My motto this year has been we look for miracles and find them everyday. There are no guarantees, but what do you have to loose by trying and having a positive mind set. My experience is we get positive results over 90% of the time, the question is when to stop trying. Generally speaking alternative medicine takes time to heal, as healing occurs from the top down and the inside out.

By Dr Clifford Fruithandler DC located at the intersection of Margate, Coral Springs and Coconut Creek in Broward County Florida