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Miracles of the Month Chronic Allergies with Sinusitis Alleviated

While giving a lecture on Asyra Bioenergetic medicine I had a subject whom I knew nothing of her health history. The asyra comprehensive scan and general allergly profile was perfomed on her revealing sinus and allergy issues that were quite pronounced. She agreed with the finding and stated she has had chronic severe sinusitis and allergies. I gave her an imprinted laser detoxification treatment and a remedy with the same imprint to take daily. I explained she might feel worse before she got better as the treatment worked, and this was a good sign.

The next day I called her and sure enough she had massive sinus drainage. The following day she stated she felt like she had the mumps because her chin and neck were quite swollen and her sinuses were still draining. On the 3rd day she noted that she could smell again, it had been years since she had this wonderful sensation. She also noted her neck and chin werent swollen, and her sinuses had cleared.

We see allergies clear every day. This particular person had tried everything including allopathic, homeopathic, acupuncture and even frequency medicine. Her response was severe, and as severe as it was, it was quick with a complete change in a few days time. August 2011

Dr Clifford Fruithandler is a Chiropractor Acupuncturist Homeopath Applied Kinesiologist who utilized a comprehensive for of bioenergetic medicine to treat health issues. He is located at the intersection of Coconut Creek, Margate, and Coral Springs at Northwest Medical Center Plaza