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Digestive Disorders and Asyra Bioenergetic Medicine

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Digestive Disorders
Clifford Fruithandler
Ileo Cecal Valve Disorders
Ileocecal valve syndrome
Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS IBD
The great mimicker of back pain and abdominal complaints appears to respond well to Asrya treatment based on Applied Kinesiological comparative testing prior to and after laser treatment. Results appear to be as good as Kinesiological pressure massage and acupressure balancing. We have seen longer term results with IBS over classic AK although both are effective and safe.
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Our main location is at:
Northwest Medical Center Plaza
5800 Colonial Dr. Suite 400
Margate, Florida

If this is not convenient for you, we offer Asrya Bioenergetic Biofeedback at numerous locations in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties as well as Orlando and Tampa. Please call for a location near you. 954-979-2333 or 571-ALLERGY

Asyra Quantum Biofeedback Allergy Sensitivity testing with Safe Inexpensive Natural Treatment

Click on our image above to view video and information about allergy testing and treatment using Asyra Quantum Energetic Biofeedback along with Video Testimonials.

This is an incredible Deal using state of the art technology! It is for both food or inhalant ALLERGY TESTING along with homeopathic and laser TREATMENT... yes, testing and treatment

The Asyra is a fully automated, FDA-registered hardware and software system that allows your healthcare provider to evaluate unique aspects of your health with information gathered through painless, non-intrusive handheld electrodes.

Today's Asyra screening processes are rooted in concepts from the renowned Dr. Reinhardt Voll, who found that a human body's electrical resistance and capacitance values have a direct correlation to health or pathology.

Why is this significant?

Because capacitive reactance is highly frequency specific, and by using the state-of-the-art Asyra system we can query your body with thousands of specific frequencies, assess the results, and better understand what is happening within your body.

Loaded with numerous commonly used energetic tests - and over 40,000 homeopathic, nutritional, herbal, and pharmaceutical items - the Asyra is designed to help us find personalized solutions that satisfy your unique health needs. In many cases, we can even address difficult chronic issues.

Let this advanced technology make a difference in your life. The choice is yours.

Schedule an appointment for yourself or a loved one now!

Functional medicine is not only inexpensive, it is prevention and wellness care at its best. We believe based on years of experience that most disorders if found early and be prevented from coming to fruition. Nature has the ability to heal and now has a new method to reveal disease as it starts. The end results are often quite incredible, positive results are found with chronic conditions that have not responded to traditional care.

For more information please call 954-979-2333 or 571-ALLERGY. Dr Cliff Fruithandler is located in Broward County Florida at the intersection of Coral Springs 33065, Coconut Creek 33076, Pompano Beach 33060 in Margate 33063. We have testing and natural treatment facilities in Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Orlando and Tampa for your convenience.