Ileocecal valve syndrome with lower back pain & constipaton a simple treatment with Applied Kinesiology and Flax seed oil by Clifford Fruthandler DC

Ileo cecal valve syndrome manifests many symptoms. The simplest is chronic constipation or diarhea if the ileocecal valve (IV) located at the junction of the small intestine and the large intestine is either in spasm open, or spasm closed. As a Chirpractor we find it can mimick lower back pain or pehaps cause lower back pain. The inverse may also be true that back pain can cause ileocecal valve syndrome.

In office care utilizes muscle testing to determine if the valve is in spasm. We then apply gentle pressure to the IV followed by a series of acupuncture reflex points. Balancing the small intestine and large intestine meridians may also be necessary and is a very simple procedure that takes only a few minutes. Post treatment we often find that chronic or acute lower back pain may self resolve even when Chiropractic adjustments have either failed or werent performed. The wonders of AK testing usually will show us imediately if the valve spasm has been released.

In 30+ years of practice this is one of the most common 'reflex' diseases I have found which are ussully overlooked by most health care providers. Often I am told by the patient that they have seen many physicians including Chirpactors who were able to give temporary relief of their back pains or digestive issues. Once the valve is cleared, their chronic symptoms have subided. Interestingly I just ran into a pateint I treated 21 years ago for chronic constipation and lower back pain. She was quick to thank me as this simpel procedure changed her life. Both contipation and back pain resolved and have not returned even after 3 pregnancies and 21 years of time. Nutritonally she was also given flax seed oil, a natural cathrartic and execellent vegetarian source of omega essential fatty acids.

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