Depression treatment with Asyra and Bioenergetic Medicine

Depression can be caused by a combination of many factors. Biologically any altercaton of the bodies neurotransmitters , hormonal imbalances, disgestive disorders, insomnia and allergies, pain create stress that can wear us down. Exogenous factors that alter our state of mind (drugs, alcohol, medications) or toxic stressors exhaust our capabiltiy to handle stress which can create depresson. Emotional stressors are considered the 'main' cause but in reality, all are stressors.

Our bodies like a bridge are designed to handle X amount of stress. If the bridge is designed to handle the weight of 10 cars, and 11 cars keep going over it, eventually it will break or weaken. As it weakens, one day it could fall with only a few cars. Repairing or reinforcing the bridge allows it to maintain or increase its 'legal limit'. The same is true for our bodies.

The Asrya has many protocols to balance the system, nervouse, immunoloigical , digestive, neurologic and even emtoinal stress. Teh result is a better nights sleep (improves healing), less allergies (reduces stress), improved adrenal function (increase abilty to handle additonal stress) and improved digestion (gives the building blocks for stronger systems).

The emotional freedom technique is build into Asrya frequency testing and diagnostically is quite interesting. How it treats and balances emotions is hard to comprehend, but I have seen improvement in depression and addictions. Perhaps by being confronted with the emotional issues healing occurs. Balancing the Chakras, and other emotional techniques from eastern medicine can also be employed, they have been around for many centuries and are not my area of specialty. Curretly frequency medicine like Asyra is being employed in stress management and psycotherapy office around the country with good results for the past 10 years. The Psycologists call it 'Biofeedback" too.

If you feel your depression is a combination of factors and have not improved with traditonal care, here is a safe opportunity with no downsides. My patients all seem to feel better phyically in all areas with the end result being emotional improvement as well.

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