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Neck Shoulder and Infection Asyra testimonial

Northwest Medical Chiropractor

Dear Dr. Cliff:

Just a little note finally to give you a special thank you for all your time and energy in making me feel better. After 10 weeks of regular chiropractic care, pressure point messages and even muscle injections I felt no relief at all. With the time and money I had spent I really wished I had found you first! Now that I found you I am going to be coming to you first for everything, yes that is a warning. I am sure it was a combination of the Asyra and acupuncture together that had gotten me better so quickly. The pain in my shoulder arm and neck subsided almost 90% after only 3 short visits but glad I kept going with treatments as my whole body seemed to become more balanced, energized, and healthier. I cannot even explain it. The fact that the asyra machine halfway through my treatments for my ligaments and tendon strains detected an infection in my body before I had even gotten any other symptoms was questionable, but two days afterwards when I had a full blown staph infection that had proved to me the importance of proactively listening to your body from the inside/ out and the fact that the Asyra and acupuncture was really all that it claimed to be. I am a true believer in the Asyra and acupuncture along with Alternative medicine therapy in keeping myself healthy.


God bless you and your family;

Lori Ziegler