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Asthma Natural Clinical Research Study June 2012

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Asthma severity can differ greatly between individuals. It is a complex disorder with allergic, non-allergic ad genetic causes. Asthma patients may have severe attacks leading to poor quality of life and significant stress on them and their caregivers.

We are inviting patients with moderate asthma to participate in our natural asthma research study. Participants will contribute to advancing the science of treating asthma naturally.

Participants will be asked to spend one hour on their first visit and undergo a clinical evaluation. Testing will be a non invasive, safe, electro-dermal screening that utilizes the latest technology in advanced Quantum Biofeedback. After analysis, a custom homeopathic chord and laser remedy will be given. Each subject will be asked to return on 2 week or monthly intervals for a period of 3 months. On each visit a questionnaire will be completed. Follow up visits will take approximately 15 minutes where allergy testing an comparisons will be performed. Subjects will agree to be contacted for verbal or in office follow up yearly to see if symptoms have returned.

Initial studies done at the University of Utah showed a 95% improvement in blood samples taken before and after . Our procedures and treatment are considered extremely safe, all holistically based and natural. We are looking for particpants in the 5-25 year old range, who have been previously diagnosed with Asthma and are symptomatic on a weekly basis, or are currently taking medications for prophylaxis on a regular or as needed basis. There are no fees for this study, but a $100 deposit will be requested and returned in full on completion of the 3 month trial period. Initial treatments with adult and pediatric patients have been very favorable for allergy and sinusitus reduction or elimination. For more information please call 954-968- 8400 to see if you or your child are candidates.

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