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Case study Infertiility alternative medical treatment utilizing computerized Acupuncture/Homeopathy Asyra frequency quantum biofeedback in Margate Coral Springs area of Florida and comparison to Invitro Fertilization ( IVF ) care.

March 2011 'Miracle' of the month - A 35 year old female came in to discuss a secondary Asyra treatment. After my demonstration, the results showed Hormonal issues, and appeared to be based around menstrual issues and problem or pain with ovulation. It also showed Colon meridian issues, usually constipation or gas. The testing gives many specifics but will not give an exact diagnosis. The Asyra was recommending remedies that are used for female cycle issues, specifically ovulation. The hormones that were out of range were all female related as well. She then told me she had infertility and couldn't afford the $30-40,000 the Doctors had recommended for invitro. I suggested she try the Asyra remedy, the result would speak for themselves. Acupuncture has a 60% success rate for infertility with woman. About 7 weeks post treatment I see her at an event. She comes up and says guess what, I am 8 days late. Miracles happen when you look for them. Cost $150, quite a savings for her. For me I got to tell my wife I got a patient pregnant and she smiled.

Dr Cliff Fruithandler a Chiropractic Physician and Acupuncturist since 1980 and practices at 5800 Colonial Drive, Suite 400, Margate Flordia 33063 in Northwest Medical Center Plaza Serving Coral Springs 33065, 33076 Coconut Creek 33067 and Pompano Beach 33066. For more information please call 954-336-0776