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Below are short articles on our paitents who have had conditons treated for many years without a postitive outcome. All were "hopeless" and were willing to try somtning new out of desperation.

Miracles of the month All patients recieved Asrya acupuncture, homeopathy and may have also had nutritional or chirpractic care in conjunction

Case Studies
ONE YEAR FOLLOW UP Diabetic with Hypertension uncontrolled - A juvenile diabetic pt was scheduled for dialysis as her kidney functions were rapidly deteriorating. She began Life Force treatment 3 weeks prior to scheduled surgery for a dialysis port surgery. Now at one year post treatment, my first Diabetic/Hypertensive patient treated with Life Force has maintained normal blood sugars and blood pressures. Her kidney function tests continue to be normal with but a few short term elevations in Creatine. She has not needed dialysis that she was scheduled for one year ago, and her insulin needs have reduced. The best part is she feels great, and will be visiting South Florida next month. One year ago she had +5 protein in the urine, Glucose levels as high as 500, Systolic BP above 200 resting. Now all normal.

February 2011
- Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patient with slurred speech, exhaustion, poor balance is treated with Asrya testing and homeopathic/laser remedy. She noted dramatic improvement in energy and balance in one week, better than she has been in years.

February 2011 - Patient with congenital eye disease, legally blind, who treated 3 months previous with 2 Asyra visits. She states her vision improved and feels much better overall. She just returned from the opthamologist who stated no deteriation over one year, in a disorder that normally deteriates rapidly. To be continued.

February 2011 - Patient with chronic pain, post motor vehicle accident 10 years previous. She now has fibromyalgia, severe joint pains, exhaustion, insomnia and currently on morhphine daily for several years. At one week post Asrya and Life force feels much better and sees hope again in her life. To be continued.