Asyra Frequency Re-balancing

The future of healthcare is here. The Asyra AT3, an electro-dermal screening device, is revolutionising how medical conditions are diagnosed. This article from the Advanced Wellness Center explains what the Asyra is and how it works.

The Asyra non-invasive screens the body for energetic imbalances, often finding functional problems or symptoms not shown with traditional testing. It has been estimated that over 70 percent of all patients suffer from functional disturbances, which occur when no specific tissue or organ damage can be identified. Yet the client still exhibits symptoms.

The Asyra detects these energetic disturbances early on, revealing deficiencies, sensitivities, imbalances, stresses and much more. Your body comes clean and reveals all its secrets. Many energy practitioners believe that devices such as the Asyra can discover the underlying causes of disease years before the symptoms can be detected by common practices.

The Asyra bridges the gap between the diagnostic and therapeutic, providing a picture of not only the illness, but also treatments that will likely resolve the issue. These treatments are energetic frequencies that restore the body to its natural balance and health.

The Asyra allows practitioners to custom design scans to address any number of problems including:

Hormonal evaluation
Emotional stressors
Circulatory disturbances
Digestive maladies
Nutritional assessment
Immune disorders
Weight loss evaluation
Food sensitivity analysis
Environmental sensitivity profile
Metabolic disturbances
Sleep disturbances

Below is a half hour lecture given to a cancer prevention society in Broward county Florida
which explains the basics of frequency medicine.

Frequency Medicine Lecture

If you have any questions about the Asyra or if you want to set up an appointment, contact Dr Cliff Fruithandler at 954-979-2333. Physicians interested in learning more, or providing care in their practices, please call Dr Cliff at 954-336-0776 for classes, seminars and upcoming conventions.