We love Cat Allergy patients

Treating and clearing allergies using the Asrya EAV system has been the enjoyment of my 30 year practice. Most food, airborne, and chemical allergies when cleared give a sense of well being, reduced physical stress, and better digestion. Asthma and inhalent allergy paitents show normalized sinuses, less headaches, red eyes, and the loss of seasonal days off from work. These patients, all too often forget their past illnesses and just enjoy life. Patients with cat allergies are different. Many have such severe reactions that they will tell you there is a cat in the house.. Too many have given up their little best friends, or have suffered chronic sinus headaches, bronchitis and chronic illness to keep them. When their allergies are gone, they can do things once forbidden to them, and they never forget it.

Our new technology clears the allergies, and can be specific to the cats actually in their homes. They have a new life, and every time they pet their cats, they are remineded of what they once had, they truly appreciate the change in life. Interestingly many allergy sufferers avoid their friends and family's homes, for the simple reason that their allergic reactions prevent them.

If you have a sensistive reaction to felines, our treatment is safe, simple and inexpesive. The costs are between $150 to $300. Asyra allergy clearing also works on the other sensitivities at the same time. There is never only one allergen, particulary with those sensitive to animal danders. Start your life over again. A simple call is all it takes. 954-979-2333