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By Cliff Fruithandler DC

If you've known me for a while, you know that I don't I don't get negative that often, although yes it does happem. Some people celebrate specific days other celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, , Christmas, Hanukkah , Kwanzaa, Mothers day, Fathers Day, Grandparents day, Christmas, Thanks giving,, Winter Solstice, Yule,, Valentine's Day ,or even Pop tart Day :)


For me everyday is worth celebrating in its own way. Everyday is an opportunity to learn or succeed where one hasn't before. There are no ordinary moments. There's always something in our lives to look forward to or reflect upon from the past. Celebration, whether it's a simple smile from a child, a gorgeous day, the middle of a hurricane, a full moon with abundant stars, or the delectable taste of and textuire of your favorite food.

I like to look out on my garden each morning and become aware of my senses, I meditate on

Feelings of the breeze on my hair, the temperature on my skin, the clothes on my back, the feeling chocolate

hearing the sounds of nature and all its abundance

seeing the colors textures' movements and beauty of the flowers, trees and sky

sensing the feeling of serenity, peace of all the good things I have, the love of family, friends, home and food on the table

A oneness with my higher power who guides me thru thought to another days experience, I pray for all to have what they need to enjoy what god has given us.

For me it comes down to one simple spiritual principle: FREEDOM.

Freedom is the inner capacity to choose how we will experience something and feel.

Freedom to choose, to make choices on our own to change the destiny of the world around us

Freedom to be an optimist or a pessimist, happy or sad, warm or cold, giver or taker.

Freedom to gracious for our abundance, or upset for what we have lost or don't have

Freedom to be happy for others or jealous of others

By being free to choose my feelings, I find myself in a state of gratitude. I find for myself helping others brings me happiness and security. I still love spending time with my family during the holidays, its our time to celebrate the connections of love of present family, reflections of those no longer with us and, the amazing people who are in my life.

With freedom and gratitude comes acceptance.

Acceptance of my own shortcomings and that of those around me

Acceptance that I am not in control of the environment, and that whatever I come up against is meant to be there for my own experiential growth.

Acceptance that god puts hurdles in front of us that we may become stronger.

Acceptance of the things I can not change

From this freedom and acceptance is where COURAGE BEGINS truly live free life. Wisdom comes from every experience and I pray to god every day that I may know the difference between what I can change, and what I simply should accept. Regardless, life is always great as the optimist, for I know the future will be what it should be, and that good and better days are always ahead as long as we choose acceptance, gratitude and maintain our freedom. God bless America where freedom stands first.

Thank you for being you. The reason you are receiving this is that you are part of my social and business network of family, friends and patients. Thank you for being part of my life.

To more wonderful days to learn

Dr Cliff