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Dr Cliff's Notes: Maintaining an expensive, one of a kind, Classic Auto Mobile.

If you own a classic car you know the expense and maintenance involved to keep it operational. It can be worse than a boat. If you leave it outside without protection it rusts and deteriorates and quickly falls apart. It was designed by a pro but does have planned obsolescence. The warranty is long gone (insurance) and the expenses are all yours. To enjoy the drive follow ALL the directions. One missing section will create an expensive repair.

1. Lube and Oil all moving parts regularly!!!! (Chiropractic)

2. Check the engine (Heart) often (EKG, and listen). If it doesn't start well, get a new battery (pacemaker/defibrillator). See the mechanic before the engine goes (Cardiologist)

3. Check the hoses often (blood vessels) for hardening or leaks (bruises, blood in urine, feces) repair problems before they leak ( Advanced Doppler's and Cardio Crusader nutrition.)

4. Wash the body exterior (massage) regularly to get rid of dirt, tar and muck (toxins/oxidizers) and be sure to flush the cooling systems often (herbal or juice cleansing detoxification). Waiting too long to clean out may result in premature rusting (ageing)

5. Check the antifreeze/coolant often (blood), especially when its hot, be sure to add a lot of water to keep it full or it will overheat and destroy the engine. (drink a lot of water). Watch the pressure gauges as this is an easy fix before it blows (stroke)

6. If you put in low octane gas (junk food) expect knocking (sluggishness) with difficulty getting up to speed (slow and tired) and gumming up of the engine. For good performance put the best gasoline (food) that you can afford. It will keep the engine going for much longer and without incident (heart attack).

7. If you do all the above and miss this step, all the bearings, hinges and tires will rapidly fall apart. Take it out for a Sunday drive, better yet take it out at least an hour a day every day. the drive lubricates the chassis, maintains the oil viscosity, keeps the tires full and pliable. Leave it in the garage for year and you will lose your investment. (sedentary lifestyle). Don't take the classic car on super highway (football, soccer) as the vibration or speed might cause extreme deteration but better to drive (walk) around the neighborhood, and bring it up to 50MPH regularly (swimming, biking, gym, dancing) to maintain the engine. take it to Classic car shows (dancing, bar mitzvah, weddings) all polished up (Omega Oils) so you and others can enjoy, marvel, and to admire it. No one can see or appreciate the Classic if its alway in the garage, waht a waste to keep it locked up all the time.

8. If you need a tow (push) call a professional (ambulance). If you want to avoid the wrecker, see your mechanics regularly (MD, DDS,DPM, DC etc). For optimum performance see your chiropractor for a wheel alignment (spinal adjustment) which will give you better wear and tear on your tires (spine/discs). Regular alignments may get you 100,000 miles on your first set of tires. There are no guarantees except that when you leave the shop, the car sure does run better. I highly recommend that you get lubed (a massage) and buffed (physical therapy) if the shine is gone. Some times a jump start (colon cleanse) will get you rolling. Other times it takes some fuel additives . Choose the safest ones with the least pollution first (vitamins, enzymes, herbs). If they don't work try stronger additives ( over the counter medications, or stronger prescription drugs), but try to avoid except as the last resort toxic additives (chemo therapy). My grandma taught me 'an ounce of prevention is worth of pound of cure.

9. The power of prayer and a positive attitude. The power of giving is enormous. There is always someone in greater need, lets be thankful for what we have. Give your neighbor a hug or a helpful hand. It feels good.

10. The Mechanics still like you when you don't follow the 9 basic steps above. By not following them, you will certainly help pay for the mechanic's 3 children's Colledge educaton.

I highly recommend Progressive Medical Wellness, previously known as A Chiropractic Pain Control Center for your classic auto mobile repair shop. We love Classic bodies and give special attention (love) to everyone. 85% of our work is performed on classic bodies produced prior to 1981 when when we opened in Margate (been around a long time). We are also excellent for new cars, and absolutely love dealerships (families). Single classics do get extra attention (hugs) but extra attention is available to anyone who needs or wants it. Even the oldest classic can benefit as the buffing and alignments are very gentle. My oldest model was 99 years old. Extra special care is available for those over 90. Occasionally the rust has gotten to the point of where an alignment isnt indicated, that is when fine energy wash is used (acupuncture, cold lasers for rust). They utilize the newest approaches in preventative maintenance (nutrition, exercise) and no one leaves without being told how get a free exterior wash (swimming pool, swimming aerobics). The proprietor gave directions for the first active wash in Wynmoor 28 years ago (pool aerobics.) and believes its still active.

29 years (experience ) and in the same location, Margate. Its near Wynmoor (Atlantic and 441) and there is a free tow if needed (Wynmoor bus) that stops at the bargain store (Wal Mart). iIf you drop the classics off, there is plenty to do in your short wait. The Racers we send to Harbor Frieght tools, the lovers go to Preechas for a cut, Nail City, or Liquids (liquor store). Most classic enthusiasts like Marshalls, the discount tire stores (shoe stores) If you feel ready for a detox or waxing (massage) its a great way to wait for your classic to be maintained. The proprietor (Dr. Clifford Fruithandler ) has been known to give coupons great for discounts at the many shops in Lakewood Shopping Center. For fuel there are some great deals. CC's Pizza , New China Buffet, and the Brazilian Carry Full Market (you wil feel lkie you are in Brazil) have a large variety (buffet) priced between $5-$10. so cheap you don't feel obligated to overfill your tank. CC's offers free wash (drink) when you show them this letter. Please note their are $5 quick fills at Quiznones and Subway. The best deals on financing your vehicle are in Wal Mart at Tropical Financial Credit Union. They to are very friendly (loving) give you top interest on your sales, and lowest interest on your purchases (loans). You dont have to be working or in a union to join, they like everyone and ask for Rohan if you have a big deal (loan) to put together. If your headlights need adjusting, go to the other end and meet the pretty and efficient mechanic (optometrist) . For working classics there is the auto store ( staples )at the far end, and a fancy gas station Apple Bees.

Last but not least the Proprietor ( Clifford Fruithandler DC) is always looking for ways to help the community. He is looking for volunteer (free) mentors (show children how to fill up the cars) and charity coordinators (to assist Children and Seniors in how to create businesses here or to build equip orphanagee, library and medical clinicc in Haiti). If you know of anyone please email him at [email protected],

What's new:
Performance testing (research): By the time of this publication our clinical trials of four new nutritional formulas should be complete. Prior studies, and our current statistics are looking very good. Using standard blood pressure testing, Applied Kinesiology (combination of muscle testing, acupuncture, reflexolgy, body balancing) and a very sophisticated vascular and autonomic nervous sytem analyzing device it appears the results will be favorable. The studies are for treatment and prevention of hypertension, ED, peripehral vascular disease and for chonic stress. We are also analyzing a new Arthritic formula but the results will not be out till November. It is believed that only 5% of medicinal herbs have been located. I hope to give our results in octobers edition whether favorable or not. If you have hypertension and are currently taking medications, a second study will be starting in October. Volunteers are welcomed.

Decompression Spinal Traction: We have been using the Dynatron 9000 DCT table for 4 years with outstanding results. Decompression traction is comforatable and works when chiropractic, acupuncture, and physical therapy have failed in the treatemtent of back and sciatic pain. . It is the treatment of choice for Disc Herniations, Protrusions and in the majority of cases can eliminate the need for surgery. It also be effective with failed back syndrome and some cases of Dejenerative Disc disease.

Prolo and Homeopathic Injections: Homeopathy uses like substance to treat like diseases. It is standard praatice in Europe and used by the Royal Family. Its purpose is to create healing not cover it up. Although results may take longer to see than cortisone and pain medication injections, there are relatively no side effects. We do have a Medical Doctor trained in these procedures.

Project Leadership: A program developed by Premiere Networking Alliance and Coral Springs Mayor Scott Brook has been well recieved. If you would be interested in bringing it locally please give me a call. The next course will be in October. If you have any teenagers interested in leadership, go to and click on project leadership. One project is to collect books, computers and other essentials for children in Haiti. The end goal is to build and equip an Orphanage, library, and Health Center. The obstacles seem impossible, but the founding teenager commitee is coming up with answers. For me, i am looking for senior volunteers to take on the coordiantion of the medical end. We need Doctors, willing to pay their way and bring their own supplies. I am looking for 'administrator mentors' and retired or active Doctors who would like to partipcate. The goal in more than to treat, it is to teach them to treat themselves. If you or someone you know is up for an 'impossible' task with little thanks than to know you saved some lives, please email me at [email protected] .
WNN Radio Saturday's 10-11am : Want to hear more on nutriton health care and healing of the body mind and spirit. Join me on Saturdays, at 1470AM

My Family: For those 200 clients who attended our wedding in 1990, my wife has gotten prettier and is in better shape than ever since she truly follows steps 1-9. Sara is a Freshman at University of Florida and enjoying every moment. Danielle is a Junior and Austin a Freshman at Douglass high school. All are active in community service and great students thanks to my wife Eileens tutlege.

To make an appointmentfor any health concern, spinal alignment or oil change please call 954-979-2333 and ask for Annie (also a classic like me.) We do accept warranties (medicare and some HMO) but if you are out of warranty, we are very reasonable and will work with you. If you need reference's, ask you neighbors. For those who have not been in to see us in 5- 29 years, let your friends know why, our work holds up to time. We teach Prevention. For more information you can go to . Questons, please feel free to call me on my cell phone, 954-336-0776.

Dr Clifford Fruithander, Chiropracitc physician

Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, Massage, Nutrition, Cardio Crusaders Cardiovascular disease prevention, TMJ Headaches Pain Away and stress management programs.

Also available: Medical Doctor, Homeopathy, Bio Identical Hormone therapies.

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