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Misalignment in the skull can have a waterfall effect on your whole spine

Scoliosis, subluxations, and chronic misalignment of the spine are all possible when your skull is locked out of position. Generally the skull has a tendency to rotate one way or the other. The sphenoid bone contacts almost all the other cranial bones and is the axis of motion. This motion is called the Cranial Rhythm. It is necessary for the circulation of blood, and cerebral spinal fluid around the brain and spinal cord. Notice in the illustration that this plastic skull, which was formed from an authentic skull, has an occiput that is rotated to the right and down. This is important because the two surfaces marked facet are where your first cervical vertebrae rests, which balances your head on your spine. Very often, when the skull is rotated like this, the individual must develop a complex structure to their spine to compensate for this type of skull!
Starting with the birthing process, your head has received a series of traumas that impair the functioning of your entire nervous system. Falls, car accidents, sports injuries, fevers, infections as well as other physical and emotional traumas can all cause your head to move and lock into undesirable shapes and positions. We have found that the structural priority of the body is cranial stability, so your spine and muscles will assume whatever position necessary (however painful) to adequately support your head. NCR can dramatically change your life in as little as 4 days (one sequence) of treatment. Each day you will receive a special NCR massage, external cranial manipulation, a thorough proprioceptive exam and a precise and individualized internal manipulation of the sphenoid bone, the key to unlocking and creating a more functional stability throughout your entire body. Before and after photos are provided so that you can objectively see your improvement in addition to feeling its profound effects. Side effects of NCR treatment include increased energy, happiness, inner peace, mental acuity, pleasant interpersonal relationships, youthful appearance, facial symmetry and beauty.

Treatable Conditions with NCR

As you can see, NCR can help treat dozens of conditions. To find out more about how NCR can help a specific condition, click the appropriate link below.