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Peripheral Neuropathy Rheumatoid Arthritis

Anne G Case Study 2010 Peripheral Neuropathy

March 2010 through present. On going Clinical Trial case study for Peripheral Neuropathy secondary to Hypothyroidism 8 years duration. Secondary diagnosed and treated Rheumatoid Arthritis 10 years. Female age 70 Alert, cooperative and well oriented to time place and person. General good health. Non diabetic or hypertensive. Variables are Asyra EDS and EAV energetic testing and treatment.

Neurologist Chamley 5 yrs oversight giving Meds, No changes in symptoms, last change in med infusions were two years ago. No neuropathy changes except slow deteriation first 3 years until treated for hypothyroidism. No changes last 5 years. Paresthesias moved from the feet up the leg and have maintained below the knee. Loss of Pain and light touch sensation in legs and feet.. Feeling of wet feet and constant pain. Symptoms stopped at knee as Thyroid meds Rx in 1998. Symptoms up to ankle on finding hypo thyroid. Hx Rheumatoid Arthritis which has created deteriation severe in the left shoulder, mild to moderate in the hands proximal interphalangeal joints.

Peripheral neuropathy 8.5 years duration post Hypothyroidism

February No pain or very limited sensation knee down to pinwheel, no touch plantar foot and parts of dorsum. Feeling of cold and wet constant pain. February 2010.

March 27th blanket bathing post Asyra No light touch, or pain perception in plantar foot. No pinpoint pain in the legs, light touch present in legs and most of dorsum foot. No remedy

7/16/10 Treatment with Chiropractic for neck and back. Asyra diagnostics and laser detoxification blanket treatment. First laser detoxification treatment.

8/19/2010 Light touch on arch first signs. "You can tickle my feet" Remedy and light No change in foot, arch light touch. Laser blanket and foot. First laser detoxification treatment.

8/25/2010 Laser remedy light touch moving out.

8/30/2010 Light touch starting on plantar digits at mp

9/7/2010 Light touch moved up to digits pads left 3rd digit pad.

9/16/2010 light touch moved up to digits pads left 3rd digit pad and starting 4th


New Pain pinwheel medical left leg , lateral rt leg. No pain sensation on plantar

Plantar rt 1st and 5th digit light touch new

Plantar let 3rd and 4t continue light touch. Light touch up to not including pads on all toes rt and left.

Cold sensation reduced better left. 50% less.

Wet sensation greater rt, better than original was left 5/10 was 10/10, rt now 10/10 was 10/10

Pain rt ost lateral leg, medical ankle lat and medial dorsum foot

Meds no change in 2 years

Rheumatoid Arthritis hand pain, Orencia, Infusions every four weeks gives up and down, 3Xdarvon generic ? 100mg??Gabba Penten neurontin 400 mg TID 800 at bedtime.Next visit full recheck.Asyra Neruo sensation recheck end of October.

Opinion to date 9-24-2010

Peripheral neuropathy is extremely difficult to treat. This patient showed light touch sensation one week post first Laser Detoxification utilizing custom computer generated Homeopthic/Meridian balancing energetic remedy. No additional nutritional supplementation or changes in Medical or Chiropractic treatment or prescriptions. Medications have been a constant for 5 years with the last major change 2 years prior to the study.

  1. Her light touch sensation has progressed about to one inch per month. In September 2010 sensation moved into and up the plantar aspect of the digits. At the end of September she has sensation on the toe pads. Every 2 weeks shows growth.
  2. Pain sensation to pinwheel has spread from the knee down beginning in September. Hopefully it will continue.
  3. Pateint could not balance on one foot at onset. She can now balance against resistance but does continue to have improvement in general balance.Rheumatoid joints have show sporatic changes. We started concentrating on the hands in September.

We will add Diagnostic profiles specific for Rheumatoid Arthritis and Acupunture in October. To date profile treatements have been tested by electrodermal screening profiles and computerized energetic treatment for Comprehensive, Emotional Freedom Technique, General Allergy Sensativity,, Food sensitivity, NAET, Dejenerative Profile, Toxic Stressors.

Dr Cliff