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In February of 2010 we put out a request to local physicians for Chronic Tinnitus patients who have been through the gammet of medical treatments. The Audiologists sent several who had tried the latest sound blocking technology and failed. We had 3 of these.

Results. A small trial of 10 pateints with Tinnitus rated 7-10 of 10. Three felt the Tinnitus was affecting their life style and ability to think. Seven felt it was very annoying and they are just living with it.

Treatments included Asyra Computerized EDS with EAV. Treatment was taking a custom made computerized generated Homeopathic/Meridian balancing remedy, as computer directed three times per day. Laser detoxification remedy were utilized two times per month. half were given Life Force Homeostasis herbal product to take one ounce per day.

At the end of the first month 9 of 10 felt improvement.

At the end of the second month 7 of 10 felt continued improvemnt, 2 lost contact.

At the end of 3 months 7 felt at least a 50% reduction of symptoms based on ringing in the ear and frequency. Two had days at a time with no Tinnitus, and then mild flare ups which continued into the 5th month.

One had no change but it should be noted that she didnt follow through with the remedy or laser detoxification.

Four had minimal treatment for one month but showed reasonable improvement of 30% to 50% reductions in frequency or severity.

Two had very significant positive outcomes including days without tinnitus, general sense of well being, increased energy and focus. Both of these were combination therapies using life force and Asyra Bioenergetic evaluation and treatment. Secondary findings were

  1. Reduced Allergy symptomes (sinusitis, asthma),
  2. Improved digestion (less Constipation, gas, upset stomache. One had elimination of irritable bowel issues.
  3. Reduced joint pain
  4. Clarity of mind and improved focus. Increased energy.
  5. Reduced or eliminated Menopausal symptoms
  6. General reduced joint pains and headaches.

Headache? Our "TMJ Pain Away Program" is it the answer for Tinnitus??

Quick, safe, effective, and affordable long term relief

Dear Doctor:

Can I make your patients love you more? The answer is yes.

I need your help in completing my clinical trials of TMJ Pain Away with Tinnitus program. The initial responses have been extremely favorable, with almost all patients having over 90% reduction in both frequency and severity of morning headaches. Currently I am looking for patients who have associated tinnitus with or without the classic TMJ symptoms. We have an excellent TMJ program that works well with dentists; we are looking at a better solution to tinnitus.

Tinnitus has been one of the most difficult conditions to treat naturally or allopathically; Medications, biofeedback, chiropractic, osteopathic craniopathy, acupuncture and nutrition have all had limited positive results. We will be combining several of these including Digital Homeopathy, Digital Acupuncture, with specific nutritional protocols in conjunction with the TMJ pain away program. I expect TMJ clients to respond well as they always have. I would like treat 10 or more of your long-term tinnitus sufferers with our new technology. I would appreciate your pre and post follow up with these people to clinically evaluate the effectiveness of our program.

Fees for the trial group will be half our normal, at 400 dollars including the supplements. The program will include six office visits over 3 months with the nutritional products and a one-year follow up. If you have any patients who have chronic morning headaches, bruxism, and tinnitus I would appreciate your referrals.

If you patients, who fit the criteria, please give me a call (954-336-0776 cell), I will be happy to explain the program and protocols to you. Patients can call the office for an appointment at 954-977-9077.

Thank you in advance

Clifford Fruithandler DC


One client had no change