Below please find the basic theory of Energy Medicine as proposed by the Energy Medicine Association. After taking the courses in Quantum physics theory and leaving in a confused yet enlightened state, the following puts it all together in an understandable format.

The 4 Levels (CoRealms)

This explains the four levels of health, disease, medicine and of life in general. They are the structural level, biochemical level, physical energies level (or energetic level) and informational level. Also you will learn here how these different levels interact with each other to create different pathways of disease and how to use the EDS and EAV in an optimal way to evaluate the situation on all four levels and to balance both on the informational as well as on the energetic level.

Contemporary medicine is mostly limited to the structural and biochemical level. On the first level, one works via massages, exercises, bandages or surgery on the bone and tissue level of the body. On the second, medicine uses supplementation, chemical and natural drugs, detoxification, lab-analysis and nutritional therapy as a means to diagnose and change the state of health. There are relatively few examples of the use of physical energies in modern medicine and these are more for diagnostic purposes than for therapeutic. Examples are MRI, X-Ray, EEG, ECG, Ultrasound, thermography. In alternative medicine the use of physical energies for treatment has found more acceptance as for example treating with colors, light, sound, magnetism, electricity, heat and cold.

In the CoRe-Theory there is a fourth level that is called the Informational level which comprises all the phenomena, principles and methods to evaluate the state of health on that level and to treat disease that has its origin there.

Looking at the various forms, symptoms and pathways into and out of health, one can observe many phenomena that cannot be explained from a perspective that includes only structural, biochemical and physical energy components. For example all forms of trauma that remain even after all physical and energetic damages have been repaired like chronic or inherited diseases that respond neither to biochemical nor to energetic treatment, healing based on emotional closeness or physical healing that follows mental changes or diseases that are the result of mental changes or emotional separation.

But also there are more esoteric but no less common phenomena like spontaneous healing, sudden infant death, distant healing, healing with words or symbols that have no cause on the biochemical or physical energies level but exist nevertheless.

One of the most prominent healing modalities that works on the informational level is Homeopathy. Homeopathy is not a modality of energetic medicine as is usually proclaimed, because it does not use physical energies. It may set physical energies for healing in motion but its origin is not there. This conceptional incorrectness was always the reason why a homeopath could not communicate with physicists even when they tried by all means to postulate that after all there must be some not yet known new form of energy in every homeopathic preparation.

Spell bound by the science of dead matter (physics) which contains mostly matter and energy, medicine failed to see that factor which is so important in every aspect of living beings; that is information. We are guided obviously more by our thoughts than by our energies or biochemicals. We do not give thoughts the same degree of reality because in our materialistic or energetic way of thinking they neither contain matter nor are they energy.

Instead of trying to measure thought with the concepts of energy, with CoRe-Theory we can now measure energy by the amount of information it contains. This step is as radical as when Einstein defined matter by the amount of energy it contained. However he and most who followed him went too far saying matter is energy. This again is an oversimplification, instead the concept of the CoRealms comprises 4 realms that are complementary but independent (orthogonal).

All four realms always coexist in every object and the state of health or disease is dependent on the state and degree of cooperation of all four. Having this four tiered model makes many observations readily understandable like placebo effects for example or the need for a change of place or a beautiful surrounding for healing. All these are making or breaking connections on the informational level.

Complementary healing in this way is getting a much more precise and extended meaning. This makes it understandable why people react differently to different remedies or foods even when there might not be a biochemical difference.

When working practically with this model and being presented with certain symptoms of a client many new questions and approaches are facilitated. For example “on which level did the disease originate”, “How did the disease spread from level to level”, ”How far has the disease really progressed”, “Which is the most appropriate Modality to work with this state of health”.

Clearly each modality has a focus of effectiveness on one of the four levels. For example Homeopathy and Inergetix-CoRe Informational treatment work primarily on the informational level. They might secondarily affect changes on the energetic, biochemical or structural level. In the same way there are modalities that use heat, magnetism, electricity or light like Inergetix-CoRe energetic treatments that work primarily on the energetic level but only indirectly affect changes on the biochemical, structural or informational level.

Also this model makes the limitation of different modalities directly visible. For example if a certain biochemical is essential and not received via food, no amount of energetic or informational work will make any change. Reversely if a biochemical cannot be absorbed because a certain energy or information is lacking no amount of supplementation of this substance will make any change. Likewise the administration of energy where information is lacking will not help but may harm in the same way as drugs can harm when they are not required.

If biochemical treatment does not give any result, it just may be that the cause of the disease is not biochemical, just as much as a failure of Homeopathy or other informational treatments may mean that the origin of the disease is on another level. The ideas of complementary healing, complementary medicine and complementary modalities are thus given a solid theoretical background that also explains why there can never be one panacea and why healing is the highest art form of all.